A Double in Diamonds
The Saint Episodes E-24
Double in diamonds
Production Info
Director John Gilling
Story by
Screenplay by Harry W. Junkin
Donald Ford
Derek Ford
Production Code
Previous Episode Produced
Next Episode Produced
Transmission Info
Season 5
Episode 24
Airdate 5 May 1967
Previous Episode The Gadget Lovers
Next Episode The Power Artists


A highly valuable necklace is stolen from Lord Gillingham by his secretary Kate, who kills the jeweller in the process. The necklace is discovered at a fashion parade... or is it? The model sporting it is actually a twin and it would seem that her sister has decamped to Paris to sell the real thing to a wealthy dealer. Or has she? A double switch seems to be on the cards when his Lordship gets a telephone call saying that he can have the necklace back if he pays ten thousand pounds. What would anybody do in such a predicament but call for the Saint?

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