A bewildered Captain Jean-Luc Picard finds himself moving uncontrollably back and forth through time. One minutes he'a aboard the Enterprise, the next, he's twenty five years in the future, working on his vineyard in France. Then suddenly he finds himself seven years in the past, being escorted aboard the Enterprise for the first time. While his crew suspects Picard of suffering from a debilitating mental disease, Picard struggles to convince them to investigate a temporal anomaly in the Neutral Zone that he believes to be related to his problem. Picard soon discovers that Q is responsible for his erratic time travels. Caught in a paradox that Q has devised, Picard realizes he must risk his life and the lives of his crew to save humanity. Written by Robert Lynch <>

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  • The captain's chair on the Enterprise from the "past" time. The bridge of the Enterprise that is on its way to Farpoint station has the captains chair with fixed arm rests. The chair from season 1 had flip up computer pads. Also the chairs next to the first officers chair and counselors chairs were different in the first season set. Q could have done this to see is Picard noticed.
  • Although the events of the past time-line are not congruent with those from the season 1 pilot, one can assume that at least the outset (i.e. Picard's shuttle transport to the Enterprise did actually happen. His remark to Tasha Yar that she "looked very familiar" suggests that they met officially for the first time on that occasion. This, however, is in clear contradiction to the story Picard told in Legacy about his first encounter with Yar.
  • When we see the crew from the past enter the Conference Room, you can see horizontal lights below the windows, even though these had only been introduced to the set in season 5. See comment in italics regarding the Captain's chair.
  • Tasha has a slightly different hairstyle to the one she had in the pilot episode. Again, see comment in italics regarding the Captain's chair.

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  • Beverly thinks that because of the accumulation of acetylcholine in Picard's brain, he now has about two days worth of new memories. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter, which - aside from its functions in the activation of muscles - is rather associated with the short-term memory, which lasts no longer than several seconds to a minute. Share this

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  • Deanna remembers having a reception in Ten Forward for Captain Picard's arrival seven years ago. Although Ten Forward has not been introduced until the second season, it stands to reason that, being a major part of the ship, it must have already existed from the beginning.

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  • The temporal anomaly was read as being an intersection of tachyon beams from the 3 different time line Enterprises. In the future time line, it was the USS Pastuer that initiated the tachyon beam, not the Enterprise. Share this

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  • In the scenes set in the past, Data mistakenly wears the insignia of Lieutenant Junior Grade even though he's a Lieutenant Commander. And he did wear the correct insignia in the pilot episode. Perhaps he has been newly promoted at this point.

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