All Our Yesterdays
Star Trek The Original Series Episode C-23
Pic.3700 ST TOS AOY

McCoy examines Zarabeth, with Spock in the background.[1]

Production Info
Director Marvin J. Chomsky (as Marvin Chomsky)
Story by
Teleplay by Jean Lisette Aroeste
Production Code
IMDB Reference tt0708415
Transmission Info
Season 3
Episode 23
Airdate 14 March 1969
Previous The Savage Curtain
Next Turnabout Intruder


When the planet Sarpeidon is about to be destroyed by its star Beta Niobe becoming a supernova, Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down and find it evacuated except for Atoz, its librarian, tending with his replicas a collection of unusual discs, which play the planet's history and (to their surprise) allow their users to travel into the past trough the atavachron, a time machine, into the periods each was studying on disc, but they jump in unprepared. McCoy and Spock find themselves locked in a planetary ice age 5,000 years ago, where Spock reverts to the barbaric age of the Vulcans, hence touchy and intensely attracted to the political exilee Zarabeth, who enjoys getting company but tells them return is impossible. Kirk lands in a Cromwellian period, where he's arrested and suspected of witchcraft, but realizes the magistrate must be a time traveler like him, and learns not being prepared at molecular level he can return trough the time portal, and in fact must do so and contact Spock and Bones in a matter of hours; they must all return to the present and board the Enterprise before the exploding sun destroys the atavachron... Written by KGF Vissers.[2]

Errors and ExplanationsEdit

Internet Move DatabaseEdit

Audio/visual unsynchronisedEdit

  • When Spock and Zarabeth are talking, then Spock turns to see McCoy standing at the cave entrance, we hear McCoy say "You've been dishonest with me, Spock," but his lips don't move.[N 1]
    • McCoy could be a ventriloquist.

Character errorEdit

  • Spock tells Zarabeth that he comes from a place "millions" of light-years away. The Milky Way is approximately 100,000 light-years in diameter - so "millions" of light-years would place Vulcan well outside the galaxy (contrary to Star Trek canon).[N 2]
    • (IMDB) This may be a sign of the mental regression he suffers as a side-effect of time travel.
  • When Spock tries to use his phaser to warm a boulder at the base of the ice cliff, it doesn't work - presumably because phasers didn't exist in that time period. But when he lays McCoy out in Zarabeth's cave and examines him, the doctor's medical tricorder seems to work just fine.
    • Perhaps Zor-kahn, the tyrant who exiled Zarabeth, arranged for the time portal to disable obvious weapons as part of the punishment, without harming other equipment.

Plot holesEdit

  • When the prosecutor is talking to Kirk, the mort (female thief) in the next cell accuses Kirk of being a witch. The constable confirms this, saying that Kirk talked to unseen spirits, one of which he called "Bones". Even though Kirk did address Dr. McCoy as Bones through the unseen time portal, the constable was not present when he did.[N 3]
    • The constable could have been out of view but within earshot when Kirk called out to McCoy.

Nitpickers Guide for Classic TrekkersEdit

Plot OversightsEdit

  • Zarabeth wearing a skimpy outfit in the caves.
    • Perhaps the hot springs make the caves too warm for her to wear the full length fur robe.

Episode CastEdit

  • William Shatner - Captain James T. Kirk
  • Leonard Nimoy - Mr. Spock
  • DeForest Kelley - Dr. McCoy
  • Mariette Hartley - Zarabeth
  • Ian Wolfe - Mr. Atoz
  • Kermit Murdock - The Prosecutor
  • Ed Bakey - The First Fop
  • James Doohan - Scott (voice)
  • Anna Karen - Woman
  • Albert Cavens - Second Fop (as Al Cavens)
  • Stan Barrett - The Jailor
  • Johnny Haymer - The Constable

Episode CrewEdit

  • Fred Freiberger - producer
  • Edward K. Milkis - associate producer
  • Gregg Peters - associate producer
  • Gene Roddenberry - executive producer
  • Cinematography by Al Francis
  • Film Editing by Grant Hoag & Fabien D. Tordjmann (as Fabien Tordjmann)
  • Casting by William J. Kenney
  • Art Direction by Walter M. Jefferies
  • Set Decoration by John M. Dwyer
  • Costume Design by William Ware Theiss
  • Fred B. Phillips - makeup artist
  • Pat Westmore - hair stylist
  • Claude Binyon Jr. - assistant director
  • John M. Poer - DGA Trainee (uncredited)
  • Irving A. Feinberg - property master
  • Carl Daniels - production sound mixer (as Carl W. Daniels)
  • Gordon L. Day - sound re-recording mixer
  • Doug Grindstaff - sound effects editor (as Douglas H. Grindstaff)
  • Special Effects by James Rugg (as Jim Rugg)
  • Visual Effects (Original)
    • Darrell A. Anderson (uncredited)
    • Howard A. Anderson (uncredited)
  • Visual Effects (Remastered)
    • Melissa Berryann - assistant to executive producer
    • Petri Blomqvist - technical consultant
    • Chris DeCristo - 2D supervisor
    • Doug Drexler - technical consultant
    • Max Gabl - matte painter
    • James Holt - digital compositor
    • Robert H. Justman - Technical consultant
    • Gary Kerr - technical consultant
    • David LaFountaine - visual effects executive producer
    • Denise Okuda - producer
    • Michael Okuda - producer
    • David Rossi - producer
    • Wendy Ruiz - visual effects coordinator
    • John Small - systems support engineer
    • Chris Tezber - visual effects coordinator
    • Brian Vogt - lead lighting technical director
    • Craig Weiss - director of visual effects: CBS Digital
    • Niel Wray - visual effects supervisor
  • George H. Merhoff - gaffer
  • George Rader - head grip
  • John Finger - additional director of photography (uncredited)
  • Alexander Courage - composer: theme music
  • George Duning - composer: additional music
  • Richard Lapham - music editor
  • Douglas S. Cramer - executive vice president in charge of production
  • George Rutter - script supervisor (as George A. Rutter)
  • Arthur H. Singer - story consultant



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