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At the department store Grace Brothers, the ladies department is sharing the floor with the gentleman's's department. The men on the floor, the senior Mr.Granger, his assistant Mr.Humphries, and the new junior Mr.Lucas, are of course unhappy with this arrival. The ladies department consists of the senior Mrs.Slocomb and her junior Miss.Brahms. The entire staff on the floor, including the floor walker Captain Peacock and the packing department member Mr.Mash, are having a few disagreements, and the store isn't even open yet! - Written by Nadia Nassar [1]

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  1. After Mr. Lucas straightens Mrs. Slocombe's seams, Mr. Humphries tells him "Griffin wants you", incorrectly referring to Mr. Grainger.
    Mr Humphries is actually saying Crippen, which is a semi-private nickname he has for Mr Grainger.[1]


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