In the year 2258, it is ten years after the Earth-Minbari War. Commander Sinclair takes command of a giant five-mile-long cylindrical space station, orbiting a planet in neutral space. At a crossroads of interstellar commerce and diplomacy, Cmdr Sinclair (2d season Captain Sheridan) must try to establish peace and prosperity between various interstellar empires, all the while fighting forces from within the Earth Alliance. It is a precarious command, particularly given that sabotage led to the destruction of Babylon stations 1, 2, and 3 and 4 vanished without trace. Written by Tony Lammens <>

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  • Susan Ivanova's name is consistently mispronounced in the series. While Ivanova is an authentic Russian name (meaning "son of John") it is pronounced e-vuh-NO-va. Throughout Babylon 5 it is mispronounced as e-VAH-no-vuh. Many surnames have more than one pronounciation.

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  • Though he moved freely about the station in his environmental suit, Kosh was never actually seen going through a door. He approached doors, but then, sometimes rather disconcertingly, would suddenly be shown on the other side. The reason: look closely and you'll realise his costume was too large to fit through any of the doorways on the set, so in reality the character would never have been able to move around the station. Submitted by Jean G For all we know, he could have moved through the doors sideways!


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