Bananas, Crackers and Nuts
M*A*S*H Episode A-07

Hawkeye preparing to eat. [1]

Production Info
Director Bruce Bilson
Story by Burt Styler
Screenplay by Larry Gelbart
Producer Gene Reynolds
Music Johnny Mandel
Cinematography William K. Jurgensen (director of photography) (as William Jurgensen)
Editor Fred W. Berger
Production Code
IMDB Ref tt0638255
Previous Episode Produced
Next Episode Produced
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 7
Airdate 5 November 1972
Previous Episode Transmitted Yankee Doodle Doctor
Next Episode Transmitted Cowboy


After hours of surgery with no break, Hawkeye and Trapper yearn for some R&R and come up with an ingenious plan to get some by Hawkeye feigning mental illness. Unfortunately, the plan backfires when the psychiatrist assigned to examine Hawkeye, who also happens to be one of Margaret's former lovers, decides that Hawkeye should be sent to Tokyo immediately for 48 hours of psychiatric evaluation. However, Hawkeye and Trapper soon come up with a plan that will not only save Hawk from the loony bin, but get even with Hot Lips. Written by Brian Washington <>


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