Battlestar Galactica and Viper fighter escort, with image of Cylon Centurion in the background

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In a distant galaxy, twelve planets bearing tribes of the race known as Man have been at war with an alien cyborg race, the Cylon empire, for a millenium. In the measurements used by the Twelve Colonies it is the Yahren 7341, and a treaty of peace is to be signed - a treaty that proves to be a ruse for the largest assault in the history of galactic warfare. With their defending warships destroyed and their homeworld annihilated, the Twelve Tribes gather to their one remaining warship, a battlestar named the Galactica, boarding every assorted star vehicle that will carry them, as their leader, Commander Adama, seeks out the one planet that will protect Man from the predation of the Cylon Empire - a planet called Earth. As their journey proceeds this Fugitive Fleet is closely pursued by forces of the Cylon Empire under the command of human traitor Baltar. Written by Michael Daly (

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  • The members of the council were elected in the first episode. Yet every time we see the council, there are different members. New members were probably elected off screen to replace those who leave.
  • The Rising Star brought Uri from his home, which had to be on one of the other eleven planets (the novelization says that he was Leon.) This makes sense, as we can see when Apollo leaves Jolly below decks, we see the writing L.S.S. Rising Star on the bulkhead. Yet, in "The Long Patrol," Athena's computer lists it as T.S.S. Rising Star, making it Tauron. The Rising Star could have been transfered from Leon to Tauron control, to avoid association with Sire Uri after the incident on Carrilon.
  • The Gemini Freighter was filled with Gemons who followed Gemon religions and spoke Gemonese. It left Gemini during the exodus. Yet, in " Murder on the Rising Star," Cella says that both were on Caprica during the attack. Cella and the Gemini Freighter could have been on Caprica during the attack, and travelled to Gemini to collect Gemon survivors during the start of the exodus.
  • In "Magnificent Warriors," Tigh states that two of the three agro ships are destroyed. Later, in "War of the Gods," Tigh states that Iblis is with Sheba visiting Agro Ship Nine. Other ships in the fleet could have been converted for Agro Ship duty.
  • The fuel issue is addressed in "Living Legend Part One" as they plot the attack on the tankers, yet never again. The raid on Gomorray must have provided enough fuel to keep the fleet going for a long time.

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  • In various scenes where "radar" displays are seen, the same "readout" is reused numerous times. Most of the scences requiring radar displays involve similar situations, usually a Cylon attack force approaching the fleet.


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