Beyond the Farthest Star
Star Trek The Animated Series Episode A-01
Stardate(s) 5221.3
Tas fs 14
Production Info
Director Hal Sutherland
Story by
Screenplay by Samuel A. Peeples
Production Code #4A
Previous Yesteryear
Next The Survivor
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 1
Airdate Sep. 8, 1973
Previous (Animated) None
(Original Series)Turnabout Intruder
Next Yesteryear


The Enterprise is in a remote section of the galaxy on a mission of star charting when they pick up mysterious radio emissions. While investigating they find themselves picking up speed. As they gain momentum they are being drawn towards a strange, dead star. They achieve orbit and discover an alien starship is also in orbit around the star. While investigating they discover that the ship has been badly damaged and is over 300 million years old. When they beam back they unknowingly bring back a malevolent energy source which attempts to take over Enterprise.[1]

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  • Towards the beginning of the episode they show a man sitting next to Sulu rather than the alien which is shown next to him. The man could have swapped stations with the alien.


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