But What a Sweet Little Room
Randall and Hopkirk Episode A-13
Production Info
Director Roy Ward Baker
Story by Ralph Smart
Screenplay by Ralph Smart
Producer Monty Berman
Music Edwin Astley
Cinematography Eric Coop
Editor Alma Godfrey
Production Code
IMDB Reference tt0682592
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 13
Airdate 14 December 1969
Previous For the Girl Who Has Everything
Next Who Killed Cock Robin?


After Anne Fenwick is killed by gold-digging boyfriend 'Bunny' de Crecy, her niece Julia, unaware of Anne's fate, asks Jeff to locate her, telling him that she attended a séance given by Madame Hanska every week. Jeannie poses as a recent widow wanting news of her husband but Elliot, a man who befriends her, exposes her to Madame Hanska, as Marty discovers. Marty 'appears' to the medium and frightens her into admitting the scam whereby she sends lonely rich women into de Crecy's clutches and Jeff confronts him in the room where he killed Anne, with Marty contributing to an explosive situation.[1]


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