Red Dwarf Episode D-01
Production Info
Director Ed Bye
Story by
Screenplay by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor
Production Code
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Transmission Info
Season 4
Episode 1
Airdate 14 February 1991
Previous Episode The Last Day
Next Episode DNA


Rimmer and Kryten rescue Camille, a female android from a passenger ship that has crash landed. Kryten falls in love with Camille, only to learn Camille is not who she appears to be, and finds she can shape-shift into Kochanski, a female Rimmer and the Cat. Written by Daniel Williamson

Errors and Explanations - Internet Movie DatabaseEdit

Character errorEdit

While teaching Kryten to lie, Lister mentions (Lord) Nelson putting a telescope to his blind eye and stating he didn't see any ships. At the Battle of Copenhagen, Lord Nelson did put a telescope to his blind eye but stated he saw no signals (not ships). The signals were for him to withdraw his ships. By ignoring the signal, Nelson went on to win the battle. (IMDB) Lister saying (incorrectly) ships instead of signals, was probably deliberate to emphasis Lister's limited education.

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