Plot SummaryEdit

General Melchett holds a competition to paint a cover for for "King and Country" magazine. Despite his intense dislike of the magazine, Captain Edumnd Blackadder enters the competition as the winner will likely escape the trenches for a while. Unfortunately, Blackadder has no artistic talent and must rely on other skills (specifically: deceit) in order to win. Written by Murray Chapman

Errors and explanationsEdit

When Captain Blackadder receives a phone call and Private Baldrick asks who was on the line, Blackadder replies that "Funnily enough Baldrick that was Pope Gregory IX aboard his steamship The Saucy Sue currently wintering in Montego Bay with the English Cricket XI and the Balinese Goddess of Plenty." The Pope in World War I was Pope Benedict XV. Blackadder is taking advantage of Baldrick's inability to recognise sarcasm. [1]


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