Star Trek Voyager
ST-VOY Caretaker
The Caretaker's Array sending bolts of energy towards the Ocampa underground city.
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Director Winrich Kolbe
Story by Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor
Teleplay by Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor
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Airdate 16 January 1995
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Season 1
Episode 1
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While in pursuit of a Maquis ship in a region of space known as the 'Badlands', Captain Kathryn Janeway and her crew aboard Voyager and the Maquis ship are transported 70,000 light years from home into the uncharted region of the galaxy known as the Delta Quadrant. Written by Anonymous

Errors and ExplanationsEdit

Internet Movie DatabaseEdit

Factual errorsEdit

  • They establish that they are over 70,000 light years from home. Voyager is a vessel capable of sustained flight at Warp 9.975 (which is over 21,000 times the speed of light, or a light year every 25 minutes). As such, the flight of Voyager back to the "Alpha Quadrant" should take between 3 and 4 years. Not 70. They would need to stop every so often to collect fresh provisions, augment their power reserves and carry out maintenance on many of their systems, such as the warp drive. In addition, high warp speeds place such a strain on the ship and it's power systems that such speeds cannot be maintained for too long. There is also the problem of buildup of Baryon particles on the hull.

Equipment OdditiesEdit

  • The EMH tapping his - holographic - combadge. He has been programmed with human mannerisms and behaviour.


  • After Torres & Kim are rescued on Ocampa, they are beamed directly to Voyager's sick bay, still wearing the clothes given to them by the Ocampan doctors. But when the scene segues back to Voyager's sick bay, Torres is wearing leather civilian clothes and Kim is wearing a uniform. (These clothes had been removed from them on the Caretaker's array). There is sufficient time between the beam up and the sickbay scene for Torres and Kim to change back into either their original clothes or have exact copies produced using the replicators.

Revealing mistakesEdit

  • There is no writing on the Captains Ready Room door stating what the room is used for, only a blank black surface. However in the next few episodes, the writing appears. The writing on the door must have been overlooked due to the urgency of the mission.

Crew and equipment visibleEdit

  • When Neelix shoots the water containers with his phaser, you can see the water spigot with the water coming out on the right container as the Kazon are running to fill their buckets. Neelix could have shot away a retaining plug on the side of the container.

Unknown sourceEdit

  • Paris reporting that everyone is accounted for after transport to the Array. He and Harry could have used internal sensors to track everyone on board while either in Sickbay or while on route.
  • Tuvok's report about the Caretaker accessing Voyager's library computer to select a suitable enviroment for the crew to wait in. The Caretaker probably selected an Earth style enviroment because of it's suitability for both humans and non humans.
  • The Away team using their phasers to break through to the surface, after passing through the shield in the caves. The energy pulses from the Array could have caused an interference effect in the rocks, which forced the Away Team to break through to the surface.
  • Voyager beaming Chakotay away from his ship just before it crashes into the Kazon vessel, even though the Maquis ship still has enough shield cohesion to deflect the Kazon's weapons fire. Chakotay probably concentrated his shields on the forward section of his ship, in order to deflect Kazon weapons fire long enough to ensure the ship collided with the Kazon ship, while allowing Voyager's transporter beam to reach him via a gap in the aft shields.

Movie MistakesEdit

  • In the beginning when the wave hits the ship, Janeway's hair goes from being a curly up-do to being a mess after the wave hits to being back up in a plain up do when she enters engineering. She wouldn't have stopped to re-do her hair in the middle of the catastrophe. She wouldn't have to stop to put her hair back up. My girlfriend frequently puts her hair up while walking or driving and doesn't lose any time at all. Corrected by MovieGuy