The Prisoner (TV Series) Episode A-08
Prisoner109 checkmate

The Chess Game[1]

Production Info
Director Don Chaffey
Story by
Screenplay by Gerald Kelsey
Production Code
IMDB Ref tt0679175
Previous Episode Produced Free for All
Next Episode Produced Dance of the Dead
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 8
Airdate 3 December 1967
Previous Episode Transmitted Dance of the Dead
Next Episode Transmitted Hammer Into Anvil


After waking up from an artificial sleep, Number 6 discovers a game of "live chess" on the Village green in which the "chessmen" are Villagers and the players sit in elevated chairs and call out the moves with megaphones. Recruited by one player as the Queen's pawn, he only reluctantly obeys his "master's" orders. After the match, Number 6 enacts a new escape plan that requires the complicity of a specific type of individual. He chooses one of the rooks from the chess game, a man known for his rebellious nature.


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Audio/visual unsynchronisedEdit

  • When No 6 tries to knock out the spotlight, he throws one of the guards off the top of the tower. As can be seen in the title sequence and overhead shots, the tower is up on a hill, a bit inland, and quite high. However, we hear a splash shortly after the guard goes over the edge.
    • Possibily a moat/pond


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