Collision Course - The Brave Goose
Return of the Saint Episode A-16
Production Info
Director Cyril Frankel
Story by
Screenplay by John Kruse
Producer Robert S. Baker
Music John Scott
Cinematography Frank Watts
Production Code
IMDB Ref tt0685633
Previous Episode Produced
Next Episode Produced
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 16
Airdate 7 January 1979
Previous Episode Transmitted The Debt Collectors
Next Episode Transmitted Collision Course - The Sixth Man


Oscar West is killed when his power boat blows up during a race, where the Saint has seen a shifty character of his acquaintance. Oscar's widow Annabelle sets off for the French Riviera to collect 'The Brave Goose', a luxury yacht left to her by her late husband, followed by associates of Oscar, who believe that she knows the whereabouts of the spoils of a gold bullion robbery in which he was involved. In order to get her to talk they trap her in a bull-ring with a fierce bull. Happily for her the Saint has also been on her trail.[1]


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