Corbomite Maneuver


In a section of unexplored space, the Enterprise comes across a marker of sorts that will not let it pass. They destroy the marker and move on but soon find themselves in conflict with an unknown alien who accuses them of trespassing and tells them they have only 10 minutes to live. Kirk decides it's time to play a little poker and literally bluff his way out of the situation by telling the alien that the Enterprise has a device on board that will destroy the alien as well as the Enterprise. The bluff works but the alien turns out to be something quite unexpected. Written by garykmcd

Errors and Explanations - The Nitpickers Guide for Classic TrekkersEdit

Plot OversightsEdit

  • Spock’s knowledge of flypaper. This could be due to him studying aspects of Earth’s history and culture, either during his youth or at Starfleet Academy.

Changed PremisesEdit

  • Spock referring to his - still living - parents in the past tense. His estrangement from them could be considered akin to bereavement.

Continuity and Production ProblemsEdit

  • Spock's earpiece disappearing during his discussion with Kirk, after the destruction of the cube. He must have quickly removed it.


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