Plot SummaryEdit

When a psychologically disturbed member of the staff of the Tantalus penal colony, Dr. Marcus Van Gelder, manages to escape onto the Enterprise, Captain Kirk and Dr. Helen Noel beam down to the planet to see exactly what is going on there. The head of the prison is a renowned penologist, Dr. Tristan Adams, greatly admired for the advances he has made in treating criminals. While Dr. Noel can find no fault with Dr. Adams or the practices at the colony, Kirk isn't so sure. Mr. Spock must use the Vulcan mind meld on Van Gelder to get to the truth. Written by garykmcd

Errors and explanations - IMDBEdit

Character errorEdit

  1. When Van Gelder reaches the Enterprise's bridge, he attacks and disables a security guard. McCoy is on the bridge at the time, but even after Van Gelder is subdued, he never so much as glances in the unconscious guard's direction. Perhaps he feels it is more important to determine Van Gelder's condition.


  1. When Van Gelder enters the bridge and demands asylum, the close up shots use red lighting on the actors. In the wide shots, the lighting is normal.This could be due to a directional spot light.

Revealing mistakesEdit

The transporter operator (Berkley) is credited as an ensign, but the uniform is clearly that of a Lieutenant. Either it's a temporary promotion, or part of a trail of a change in rank insignia.

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