Desert Journey
Directed by

Paul Dickson

Original air date

19 March 1969



Attempting to escort a reluctant Bey to his strife-torn North African state, the Nemesis agents face a dangerous journey through the desert – a place where danger lies among the swirling sand dunes.

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  • As they spot their "escort" in the desert (at 29:37) their jeep is fairly modern (for the time). As they progress the rear tarpaulin sheet/door changes from closed (30:16) to open (30:34). It could have slipped open.
  • On being shot at (27:51) the Bey grabs his left arm just above the elbow and falls. After the next cut, by the time he hits the ground he's holding his left shoulder, which Sharon subsequently treats. Why shouldn't he move his hand up his arm?


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