Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
Flash Gordon Film

Tinted poster[1]

Production Info
Direction Ford Beebe, Robert F. Hill[2]
Story Flash Gordon comic strip by Alex Raymond[2]
Screenplay Ray Trampe, Norman S. Hall, Wyndham Gittens and Herbet Dalmas[2]
Release Info
Released 1938[3]
Length 15 x 20 mins[3]
Colour or B&W? B&W[3]
Previous Flash Gordon
Next Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

Plot SummaryEdit

Flash, Dale, Zarkhov and, stowaway reporter, Happy Hapgood travel to Mars to find the source of a ray that is stealing the nitron from the Earth's atmosphere. They soon find out that it is Emperor Ming, with the help of Queen Azura of Mars who is behind this. With the aid of the Clay People and Prince Barin, Flash and his friends are triumphant in destroying the ray and putting an end to the scheme of Ming the Merciless. - Written by Brian Washington <> [4]

Errors and Explanations - Internet Movie DatabaseEdit


  1. Although filmed 2 years later, this story takes up exactly where the original ended. Dale Arden was a blonde when she entered the ship, but somewhere in mid-flight, she changed to a brunette. Even if filmmakers/studio heads were counting on audience short-term memory, a flashback sequence is there to remind us Dale was originally a blonde. Perhaps she got fed up of being regarded as a 'dumb blonde', and acquired some hair dye?[4]


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