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A paperback review of Alien Invasions on Television. This is split into the four main sections listed below. Apart from an interview with Richard Hatch (Galactica's Captain Apollo), all the material in the book had previously appeared in Epi-log Journal magazine.


Battlestar Galactica (1978) and Galactica 1980Edit

Bsg space hd

The Battlestar Galactica with ships to the Rag-Tag Fleet

  • Fifteen years of Galactic Battles with Battlestar Galactica - William E. Anchors, Jr

The history of the production of Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 1980.

  • Counterpoint: Battlestar Galactica - Tony Bell

An alternative view behind the scenes of Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 1980.

  • Colonial Warriors Vs Star Warriors - Jon Strauss

A short article comparing Battlestar Galactica with Star Wars.

  • Interview with Glen A. Larson - Doug Snauffer

Interview with the man behind Galactica, talking about his production career.

  • Battlestar Galactica: The comics - Jon Strauss

Details of the Battlestar Galactica comics produced by Marvel between March 1979 and January 1981 - 5 based on the pilot Saga of a Star World and the two part episode Lost Planet of the Gods, followed by 18 original stories set between Lost Planet of the Gods and The Lost Warrior.

  • Battlestar Galactica: The Novels - Jon Strauss

Information about the novels printed by Berkley Publishing - 10 adaptations of filme episodes followed by 4 original stories, plus a photonovel based on Saga of a Star World.

  • Battlestar Galactica: Cast Biographies - Jon Strauss

Stage, screen and television credits, together with biographical information, for Terry Carter (Colonel Tigh), John Colicos (Baltar), Anne Lockhart (Sheba), Dirk Benedict (Lt. Starbuck), Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo), Maren Jensen (Athena), Herbert Jefferson, Jr (Lt. Boomer), Lorne Greene (Cmdr. Adama), Laurette Sprang (Cassiopia), Hoah Hathaway (Boxey), and Tony Swartz (Flt. Sgt. Jolly), as well as credits for Glen Larson (Creator/executive producer) and John Dykstra (Special Effects Supervisor)

  • Battlestar Galactica: Episode Guide

Plots and notes for Saga of a Star World (3 parter), Lost Planet of the Gods (2 parter), The Lost Warrior, The Long Patrol, Gun on Ice Planet Zero (2 parter), The Magnificent Warriors, The Young Lords, The Living Legend (2 parter), Fire in Space, Way of the Gods (2 parter), The Man with Nine Lives, Murder on the Rising Star, Greetings from Earth, Baltar's Escape, Experiment in Terra, Take the Celestra and the Hand of God.

  • Battlestar Galactica: The Unfilmed scripts

Stories that were either substantially altered or dropped completely - The Beta Pirates (A group of pirates attack a ship separated from the fleet by an energy barrier), Crossfire (Early version of Gun on Ice Planet Zero), Showdown (a group of specialists cause trouble for the fleet), The Mutiny (An exodus ordered by the Council of Twelve leads to disputes, as well as an assault by the Cylons),I have Seen Earth (A patrol rescue an old man who turns out to have escaped from a Cylon gold mine), Two for Twilly (A gyro specialist needed to install a vital gyro in the agro ship is found to have two wives in the fleet) and Galactica Discovers Earth (a very early version of the Galactica 1980 pilot).

  • Interview: Richard Hatch - Doug Snauffer

The actor talks about his work during and after Galactica

  • Interview: Allan Cole and Chris Bunch - Jon Strauss

The story editors for Galactica 1980 discuss their work, providing details of story ideas that never made it to production.

  • Inside the Outsider - Jon Strauss

An article about the child genius from Galactica 1980

  • Galactica 1980: Cast Biographies

Stage, screen and television credits, together with Biographical information, for Kent McCord (Captain Troy), Barry Van Dyke (Lt. Dillon) and Robyn Douglas (Jamie Hamilton).

  • Galactica 1980: Episode Guide

Galactica Discovers Earth (3 parter), The Superscouts (2 parter), Spaceball, The Night the Cylons Landed (2 parter), The Space Croppers, and The Return of Starbuck.

  • Galactica 1980: The Unfilmed scripts

Earthquake (Troy and Dillion discover a spate of earthquakes are linked to nuclear fusion tests), Wheel of Fire (Xaviar and a Cylon fighter travel back to 592 BC) and The Night They Kidnapped Cleopatra. {Xaviar brings Cleopatra to the present after being poisoned as a test of his 'Godhood') Image from Darth Mojo Files

The InvadersEdit


The Regeneration tubes used by the invaders to adapt to Earth conditions - Image from Cheese Magnet website

Humanity by the numbers: A sociological look at The Invaders - Rolf MaurerEdit

Background info on the series

The Invasion in Print - Rolf MaurerEdit

Novels based on the series

Episode Guide - William E. Anchors Jr.Edit

Season one - Beachhead, The Experiment, The Mutation, The Leeches, Genesis, Vikor, Nightmare, Doomsday Minus One, Quantity Unknown, The Innocent, The Ivy Curtain, The Betrayed, Storm, Panic, Moonshot, Wall of Crystal and The Comdemned. Season Two - Condition: Red, The Saucer, The Watchers, Valley of the Shadow, The Enemy, The Trial, The Spores, Dark Outpost, Summit Meeting (2 parter), The Prophet, Labyrinth, The Captive. The Believers, The Ransom, Task Force, The Possessed, Counterattack, The Pit, The Organisation, The Peacemakers, The Vice, The Life Seekers, The Pursued and Inquisition.

War of the Worlds (Late 80's TV seriesEdit

The Evolution of a seriesEdit

Episode GuideEdit

The Fantastic JourneyEdit

A course in Modern MythologyEdit

Episode GuideEdit

The Unfilmed scriptsEdit

Front and Back Covers Battlestar Galactica Memorabilia)