Gun on Ice Planet Zero Part 1
Directed by

Alan J. Levi

Original air date

22 October 1978



A special task force, mostly made up out of convicts, is dispatched to destroy a giant Cylon operated pulsar cannon on the planet Arcta directly in the Colonial Fleet's path. Having lost a cadet on the planet earlier, Starbuck is eager to join the expedition for once. Boxey and Muffit also join the group as stowaways. - Written by The TV Archaeologist.[1]

Errors and Explanations - Internet Movie DatabaseEdit

Factual errorsEdit

  1. Ice Planet Zero is described as an asteroid, but asteroids have neither atmosphere nor substantial gravity. It's probably a large asteroid, or a substantial planetary fragment, which has been modified.[1]

Galactica RevisitedEdit

  1. Adama and Athena refer to Cylon Battlestars. The baseships are considered to be Cylon equivalents of Battlestarts.
  2. Starbuck addresses Adama as Captain instead of Commander. The term Captain is appropriate for the Commanding Officer of a ship, irrespective of their actual rank.[2]


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