Blackadder II Episode
Lady Farrow and Lord Blackadder

Lady Farrow discussing her husband's situation with Lord Blackadder

Production Info
Director Mandie Fletcher
Story by Richard Curtis
Ben Elton
Teleplay by Richard Curtis
Ben Elton
Production Code
Transmission Info
Airdate 16 January 1986
Guest Star(s)
Season 2
Episode 2
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Previous Episode Aired Bells
Next Episode Aired Potato

Plot Edit

Following the execution of the Lord High Executioner himself, Queen Elizabeth appoints Edmund Blackadder to the post. Blackadder is hardly excited as nobody ever lasts very long in the role. Delegating the entire operation to the incompotent Lord Percy, he suspects he might be in trouble when the Queen pardons a prisoner that has already been executed. Written by Murray Chapman

Errors and Explanations Edit

Internet Movie DatabaseEdit

  • Nursie refers to Elizabeth's sister Mary (Mary I of England) having her head chopped off - in fact it was her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, whom Elizabeth had executed. Mary I died of natural causes, with Elizabeth succeeding her. Nursie is very easily confused.
  • Edmund Blackadder is seen sitting in a revolving chair almost a hundred years before they were invented, as it was Thomas Jefferson who actually designed the first swivel chair.Perhaps in this reality, Edmund designed the swivel chair first without telling anyone, with Jefferson developing it separately.

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