The indefatigable Q appears again, still not convinced that humans are a race worth saving and wanting to test them yet again. This time he focuses on Commander Riker and sets out to prove that mankind will not do the right thing when the opportunity presents itself. To prove his point, he vests in Riker all of his powers convinced that the old adage about absolute power corrupting absolutely will prove to be true. Riker is obviously tempted to play God but his assumptions about giving people the opportunity to be whatever they want doesn't go over quite well. Picard knew that the experiment would fail and wins his wager with Q. - Written by garykmcd[1]

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Audio/visual unsynchronisedEdit

  1. The soldier-creature playing the bugle clearly isn't playing it at all, rather holding it to his lips. The bugler's lips are moving slightly - it's just a little hard to make out.

Revealing mistakesEdit

  1. When Worf runs to attack the Napoleonic creatures, one of them swings the butt of the musket at him, clearly missing him, but still knocks him down. Looked like the musket hit Worf's nose to me!SENIRAM (talk) 11:13, October 24, 2013 (UTC)[1]

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Plot HolesEdit

  1. Sending Worf to spy out the enemy on Q's planet, even though La Forge can spot small details at a great distance. Worf is better skilled at Hand to hand combat.
  2. La Forge describing Q's soldiers using the animal things moniker Worf used for them. Picard may not believe the pig faced humanoids with energy firing muskets description.
  3. Wesley retaining his pre puberty voice when Riker uses his powers to age Wes ten years. Riker may have been unable - or unwilling - to change Wesley's voice.

Changed PremisesEdit

  1. Worf refusing to accept Riker's gift of a snarling Klingon woman, on the grounds that she is from a world now alien to him, despite his knowledge of Klingon culture. Maybe he doesn't want anything that ultimately came from Q.
  2. Q wearing a Starfleet captain's uniform in subsequent episodes, after using an Admiral's uniform here, despite his apparent belief in his superiority to humans. Perhaps he is beginging to regard Picard as an equal?


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