Stan and Jack with the Holiday camp bus[1]


Sacked by the bus company Stan and Jack get jobs as drivers ferrying punters to and from a holiday camp and arrange for the rest of the family to come and stay. Blakey is there as the chief security guard and manages to get caught in accidental compromising situations with the camp's nurse. The Butlers head for one disaster after another as Jack and Stan,still chasing women half their age,take two girls for a bus trip on the sands only for the bus to sink in as the tide approaches. Olive gets into bed with someone else's husband when she makes it back to the wrong chalet in the dark and 'little' Arthur sprays the chalet with ink,requiring a re-painting job. The holiday over Arthur's sidecar combination manages to come apart on the way out as it did on the way in. Written by don @ minifie-1


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  1. At the beginning, after Stan hits the General Manager's car, and starts to pull away, the camera cuts to his cab, and he says "Alright!" There is a green bus visible in this scene. It is stopped, but then it is seen starting to move. This is the bus which hits Stan's bus. The number and destination match up.The driver of the green bus probably didn't expect Stan to pull out as far as he did.

Errors in geographyEdit

  1. During the sequence when Stan's Mystery Tour bus catches up with and proceeds to overtake Arthur and the family supposedly on their way To the Prestatyn Holiday Camp, they are in fact travelling in the wrong direction. Maybe there was a diversion?


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