Stardate(s) 41255.6 - 41255.9
Star Trek The Next Generation
Edo greet Away team

The Edo greet the Away Team [1]

Production Info
Director James L.Conway
Story by Ralph Wills and Worley Thorne
Screenplay by Worley Thorne
Production Code ju (#109)
IMDB Ref tt0708739
Previous Episode Produced Lonely Among Us
Next Episode Produced The Battle
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 7
Previous Episode Transmitted Lonely Among Us
Next Episode Transmitted The Battle
Previous Lonely Among Us
Next The Battle


After a difficult mission re-populating a nearby planet, shore leave would seem to be in order for the nearly exhausted crew. They think they've found the ideal place for a bit of rest and recreation. The local population is made up of beautiful people who are open, honest and very, very friendly. Picard sends Riker and an away team to check if the local conditions are as ideal as they seem on the surface. Too late however, they learn that while the people are all that they have been made out to be, they also have only one form of punishment regardless of the severity of the transgression: death. When Wesley Crusher damages some flowers, he is caught by Mediators who are judge, jury and executioner. Picard has no intention of letting any member of his crew be executed but has to find a way to do so that will respect the local culture as well as the Federation's prime directive. Written by garykmcd[2]

Errors and Explanations - Nitpickers GuideEdit

Plot OversightsEdit

  1. Contact with the Edo violating the Prime Directive. They may have received knowledge of space-faring cultures from their God.
  2. The calmness of the Edo at the appearance of the Away team. Many races are more advanced then they initially appear.

Equipment OdditiesEdit

  1. Wesley not wearing a combadge when he accompanies the Away team. He may not have earned the right to use a combadge at this point.
  2. When Picard and Dr Crusher leave the room to head for the transporter, the door starts to close between Picard and Crusher, but stop to allow Crusher to leave. There could have been a delay in the door sensor detecting Crusher's approach.

Continuity and Production ProblemsEdit

  1. Resemblance between the Edo God and the Lysain Central Command. Maybe someone used a copy of the Lysain Command ship to represent the Edo God.
  2. The shots of Data and an assistant featuring sounds normally associated with the main bridge. Many of the Enterprise's computer systems use the same sounds.


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