Legacy for the Saint
Directed by

Roy Ward Baker

Original air date

13 October 1968



Having met his maker in an explosion in his car, retired villain Ed Brown shows a posthumous film to several rival gangsters which is also viewed by Brown's daughter Penny, previously innocent of her father's criminality, and the inevitable Saint. The film claims that Ed has deposited a million pounds in a Swiss bank and that whoever can match it can claim the money. A security van is to travel from the coast to London with a million pounds worth of gold bullion on board, making it the ideal target for the 'prize'. The Saint picks up the gauntlet but some of the other villains take Penny hostage and before long the thieves do indeed fall out with one of the gangsters being erased but another seemingly claiming the victory. Both Penny and the loot need the Saint to their rescue.

The Saint Season 6
The Best Laid Schemes ; Invitation to Danger ; Legacy for the Saint ; The Desperate Diplomat ; The Organisation Man ; The Double Take ; The Time to Die ; The Master Plan ; The House on Dragon's Rock ; The Scales of Justice ; The Fiction Makers: Part 1 ; The Fiction Makers: Part 2 ; The People Importers ; Where the Money Is ; Vendetta for the Saint: Part 1 ; Vendetta for the Saint: Part 2 ; The Ex-King of Diamonds ; The Man Who Gambled with Life ; Portrait of Brenda ; The World Beater
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