Lonely Among us
Star Trek The Next Generation
Chaos on the bridge

Chaos on the Bridge[1]

Production Info
Director Cliff Bole
Story by Michael Halperin
Screenplay by D. C. Fontana
Production Code la (#108)
IMDB Ref tt0708743
Previous Episode Produced The Last Outpost
Next Episode Produced Justice
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 6
Airdate 2 November 1987
Previous Episode Transmitted Where No One Has Gone Before
Next Episode Transmitted Justice
Previous The Last Outpost
Next Justice


The Enterprise is tasked to transport two warring parties to the planet Parliament for treaty negotiations. En route however, they come across a cloud and unbeknown to the crew, an energy life force enters through the ship's electrical systems. It not only inhabits machinery but also humans. When it takes control of the Captain, he - or it - announces that they will be leaving the ship to try and create a new species of being. Meanwhile, the guests on the Enterprise seem quite prepared to kill one another. Written by garykmcd[2]

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  1. The nonchalance of Picard's crew regarding the demise of the Seley delegate.The crew are still in shock over what has happened to Picard.

Changed PremisesEdit

  1. Picard bullying Riker and Crusher into undergoing full physicals, while Kirk calmly listens to Spock and McCoy while acting in a seemingly equally erratic manner in in Obsession.1)Thus could be a deliberate act by the creature to prevent it's discovery before it can return home. 2)Riker, Crusher and Picard have only served together for a short time in this episode. Spock, McCoy and Kirk had served together for longer at that point, giving McCoy and Spock a better understanding of Kirk's psychology.


  1. Picard programming the transporter to beam him into the cloud as energy only with just one tap on a seemingly deactivated console. The energy creature may have been able to submit the full range of instructions with one touch.

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Revealing mistakesEdit

  1. Data says the energy cloud is traveling at warp velocity, but when Enterprise makes its sensor pass the stars aren't streaking in the background. The cloud may have only appeared to travel at warp.[2]


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