Part 1

Out on patrol, Apollo and Starbuck come across a great void, while Boomer and Jolly are infected with a plague that soon infects the remaining Viper pilots. Soon, Apollo and Starbuck find themselves having to train a group of female cadets, including Apollo's fiancée, Serina. Written by The TV Archaeologist.[1]

Part 2

Adama orders the fleet to set a course into the seemingly endless void, where he expects to find the lost planet of Kobol, mother-world of the twelve tribes of man. Apollo and Serina are 'sealed' in marriage while Starbuck is being held captive on Baltar's Basestar. When Baltar learns of the search for Kobol, he follows the Colonial fleet for a face to face confrontation with Adama. Written by The TV Archaeologist[2]


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