November, 1951. The 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital is shaken up by the arrival of Captains "Hawkeye" Pierce and "Duke" Forrest...crack surgeons but lousy soldiers. Joined by renowned chest-cutter "Trapper" John McIntyre, the surgeons set about dealing with the daily carnage of the war by raising hell. From getting rid of the idiotic Major Burns to helping the camp dentist commit "suicide", there's no lengths the Swampmen won't go to to distract themselves from the horrors of war. Written by Gregory A. Sheets <>

Errors and ExplanationsEdit

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Character errorEdit

  1. Margaret's surname is scripted as "Houlihan". The 'O' was added due to a slip of the tongue by G. Wood and Roger Bowen, the only two people who refer to her as "O'Houlihan" in the whole movie. The Characters must have been under the impression that her name was O'Houlihan.
  2. Hawkeye, in his diagnosis of the sick Japanese-American infant in Kokura, mispronounces "fistula," putting the emphasis on the last syllable. Is there only one pronunciation?

Factual errorsEdit

  1. An announcement is made that Yom Kippur cannot be held on Friday due to extenuating circumstances, but those who wish to observe may do so on Sunday.Yom Kippur never falls on either a Friday or a Sunday; an "alternate" day for the holiday that could actually occur would be Saturday. The person who drafted the announcement was obviously not Jewish.

Revealing mistakesEdit

  1. When Hawkeye and Trapper John are in Japan, a "Japanese" nurse speaks in heavily American accented, awkward, and mispronounced "Japanese". Japan was operating under US occupation after WW2.

Movie MistakesEdit


  1. The driver who was supposed to drive Hawkeye to the camp, after Hawkeye and Duke have gone off with the stolen jeep and after he has poured his coffee over his commander, can't help laughing so hard that he has to cover his face at the end of the shot. Could happen to the character, too.
  2. When Hawkeye and Duke arrive at MASH and drive by the mess there are four nurses, two sitting on each side of a longish table, together with someone else. When Hawkeye and Duke enter the mess the nurses are placed 3+1, and the other person is gone. At no time are the nurses seated two on each side.
  3. When Trapper punches Frank Burns, look at the boxes that Burns falls into, they are all labelled 'Tampax'. Why is this interesting? There are a lot of female personnel in the unit!
  4. This film contains the first use of the f-word in movie history. Not true. M*A*S*H released in 1970. "I'll Never Forget Whatshisname" with Marianne Faithfull released in 1967. "Ulysses" also released in 1967. Both were mainstream films using the f-word. There are also much earlier, though far from mainstream, movies that include it as well. Corrected by William Wilhite
  5. Ho-Jon, Burns's Korean boy, can hardly read but speaks almost accent-free American English. There is nothing at all surprising about this. Learning to read and write English would be a whole new skill for Ho-Jon, as Koreans (like most Asians) do not use the English alphabet. It works in reverse - a lot of soldiers learned enough Korean (and later, Vietnamese) to get by, but almost none learned to read and write it.


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