Directed by

Ed Bye

Original air date

21 November 1989



The Red Dwarf crew abandons ship as Red Dwarf approaches black holes. Rimmer and Lister finds themselves marooned on a ice planet, when Starbug is struck by a meteorite, where the only firewood is Rimmer's possessions and the only food they have is dog food and a pot noodle. Written by Daniel Williamson

Errors and Explanations - Internet Movie DatabaseEdit

Character errorEdit

  1. When Rimmer is calling for help on the radio he is pushing down the button with his finger AND has his elbow on the desk. Since he is a hologram, he should not be aloud to do either of these things. There could be holographic copies of the radio controls and the desk in the same place as the solid ones, in case the ship's hologram is the only one able to send a distress call.

Incorrectly regarded as goofsEdit

  1. When Rimmer is telling Lister about the food he found, he mentions finding gum ointment in the first aid box and a tin of dog food in the tool cupboard. Yet since Rimmer is a hologram and - at this point in the series - can't touch anything, there's no way he could have opened the door/lid to search these places. It's possible he could have "phased" through the doors of the cabinets to see what's inside.
  2. When Lister is burning the wood chest, Rimmer can smell the wood burning in the fire. However, since Rimmer is only a hologram, he shouldn't be able to smell anything. But that idea would also assume he wouldn't be able to see, either. We later see that Rimmer's hologram is controlled by an electronic sphere, and this must be able to detect sensory information.


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