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  • Hi, I just came to tell you, thank you for this wiki.

    I've been on IMDB a lot and have seen a lot of explainable error that make me cringe. I've tried editing them but my edits got rejected for some reason. Hopefully I can make by edits here and someone on IMDB my change their minds.

    As you may have noticed I've made a page for Toy Story, I may do ones for the other films (although I'll probebly leave TS4 until it get's more errors). I'm also planning on doing a page for Frozen and the Shrek films. I'm actually kind of surprised there aren't more films listed in this wiki.

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    • Half way there - the plot is fine, but the explanations are still in italic, when they should be in bold!

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    • I've done it now. I've also done Toy Story 2

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