Missing Link
Story date(s)
Space: 1999 Episode A-19
Production Info
Director Ray Austin
Story by
Screenplay by Edward di Lorenzo
Editor Mike Campbell
Production Code
IMDB Ref tt0706329
Previous Episode Another Time, Another Place
Next Episode Guardian of Peri
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 19
Airdate 27 February 1976
Previous Episode Ring Around the Moon
Next Episode The Last Sunset


Koenig is critically injured when his Eagle crashes on the lunar surface. Apparently in a coma and relying on life-support to sustain him, Koenig awakes to find himself transported to a city of light on the planet Zenno where Raan, an alien scientist, believes him to be the missing link of the loveless Zennite people. Initially reticent to comply with Raan's experiments, Koenig is seduced by the scientist's beautiful daughter Vana, and begins to have second thoughts of returning to Alpha, opting for a peaceful, immortal existence on Zenno, free at last of the constant fight for survival. Back on Alpha, however, Koenig's body is dying and the command structure is breaking down - without Koenig to lead the Alphans, the base is falling apart!


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  1. Koenig is walking through the medical unit where his other self is dying. A close-up shot of his monitor has his name misspelled "KEONIG" but a longer shot it is spelled correctly. Possibly a test by Raan.


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