FANDOM is an Internet website created by Jon Sandys in 1996 and is principally dedicated to the recording of mistakes found in movies and television; it also includes trivia, quotes, hidden DVD Easter Eggs and movie trailers. As of 01 March 2011 it listed more than 92,661 mistakes, of which over 7,700 have pictures. It also has 384 paid members and 23,250 free members. Paid members are on the decrease since the introduction of free membership. There was 1200 paid members in July 2008 when free membership was introduced.

Mistake types Edit

The site categorises mistakes into the following different types:

  1. Continuity - a mistake that continues between two or more shots, such as objects moving about without being touched or characters' postures changing too drastically in a too short period of time.
  2. Factual Error - a mistake that clashes with the real world by being historically, geographically, or physically incorrect, including false statements by supposed experts or spelling/grammatical errors. Related to Plot Holes.
  3. Revealing - a mistake exposing the film-making process, such as poor visual effects or an obvious stunt performer. Related to Visible Crew/Equipment.
  4. Visible Crew/Equipment - camera crew, equipment, and objects used for filming becoming visible on-screen. Related to Revealing.
  5. Plot Holes - a conflict in the internal logic of a film, such as a character doing something illogical and out of character simply to move the plot along. Related to Factual Error.
  6. Audio Problem - a mistake related to the film's audio component, speech, sound effects and so forth.
  7. Deliberate "Mistakes" - a mistake that is done on purpose by the film's creators for any one of a number of possible reasons.
  8. Character Mistake - a significant error in dialogue or written words.
  9. Other - mistakes that don't fit into any of the other categories.


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