Classic Trekkers

Cover of UK Edition

Paperback guide written by Phil Farrand and published by Titan Books in 1994 - ISBN 1-85286-587-3. This guide covers Star Trek The Original Series - including the original pilot The Cage - and the first six movies - Star Trek The Motion Picture to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The chapters categorise the errors as listed below.

Error categoriesEdit

These descriptions apply to both the episodes and the films.

  • Plot Oversights - Anything that concerns the plot, or won't fit anywhere else.
  • Changed Premises - Information given in one show which directly contradicts information from another.
  • Equipment Oddities - Technical problems with the machinery of the Trek universe.
  • Continuity and Production Problems - Errors in the actual creation of the show.

Other categoriesEdit

These only apply to the episodes.

  • Syndication Cuts - Cuts made for syndication, where applicable, resulting in syndicated episodes differing from the network versions.
  • Closing Titles - Shots used as the background for the closing credits at the end of the episodeBooks