‘’’’’ ‘’’’’ Film
Production Info
Director Harry Booth
Story by
Screenplay by Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe
Produced by Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe
Music Max Harris
Cinematography Mark McDonald
Editor Archie Ludski
Release Info
Released 1971
Colour or B&W? Colour
Previous None
Next Mutiny on the Buses


Stan gets a little annoyed when his Mum and Sister keep buying expensive items on hire purchase, but the money he earns for overtime working as a bus driver means that he can afford it... just! His job is secure, as bus drivers are hard to come by, and his overtime prospects are good, until the bus company decide to revoke a long standing rule and employ women bus drivers. Aghast at the thought of no overtime and, therefore, less wages, he joins forces with his long time work colleague Jack to sabotage the new female employees. Written by Rhino <>[1]


Internet Movie DatabaseEdit


  1. In the canteen after Stan has laced the clippies' teas with diuretic pills, Vera (Pat Coombes) gives her tea to Blakey - she hasn't drunk any of it - and Stan gets a replacement from the serving-hatch. This is done so quickly he has no time to take the pills from his pocket and lace the drink but, despite this, Vera is as badly affected as those whose tea has been doped. He could have had some hidden in his hand.[1]

Movie MistakesEdit

Plot holeEdit

  1. When Olive gets in the motorcycle sidecar to go to hospital to have her baby, her weight lifts the bikes rear wheel off the ground. Stan rides on the rear of the bike seat to keep the wheel on the ground. However, Stan never intended to get on the bike until this problem occurred but he was holding a motorcycle helmet from the start of this scene. He probably took it out of the sidecar to make room for Olive and all the items she needed for the Hospital. [2]


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