Portrait of Brenda
The Saint Episode F-19
Portrait of Brenda
Production Info
Director David Lane
Story by
Screenplay by Tony Barwick
Production Code
IMDB Reference tt0735634
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Transmission Info
Season 6
Episode 19
Airdate 2 February 1969
Previous Episode The Man Who Gambled with Life
Next Episode The World Beater


Alan Williams is found dead having rung the Saint for his assistance. Pop singer Diane Huntley, a friend of Alan's, takes the Saint to meet a guru who runs meditational sessions at a hefty price, and the Saint is convinced the guru is behind the murder. Diane tells the Saint that Alan had a younger sister Brenda, who also saw the guru and who committed suicide. Alan had painted a portrait of Brenda and in its frame are hidden various documents which will lead the Saint to avenge his friend's death.

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