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Radar typing up his report.


When a wounded Red Chinese goes crazy in the operating room, he contaminates Trapper's patient. Meanwhile, Frank and Margaret insist on a psych evaluation for Klinger, in hopes that he'll get his Section 8 and go. Also, Hawkeye falls for a new nurse. Written by Kathy Hofmann

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When Henry Blake calls Klinger into his office to discuss the charges brought against him by Majors Burns and Houlihan, Klinger is wearing the red spaghetti-strap dress that was already damaged by the Chinese P.O.W. He probably changed into a spare dress.

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The psychiatrist is called Milton Freedman in this episode and Sydney Freedman in all other episodes in which he appears (always being played by the same actor - it is the same psychiatrist). He may have received permission to use a different, more friendly sounding, name - most likely his middle name - to put people at their ease.


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