Reflections in the Water
Story date(s)
UFO Episode A-24
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IMDB Ref tt0735630
Previous Episode Produced The Psychobombs
Next Episode Produced Timelash
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Season 1
Episode 24
Airdate 24 July 1971
Previous Episode Transmitted The Sound of Silence
Next Episode Transmitted The Responsibility Seat


Following the sinking of a freighter ship and the death of an underwater cameraman, Straker and Foster take the submarine 'Skydiver' to examine the ocean bed. They come across a vast domed building and, from a distance, think they see SHADO Lieutenant Anderson in the dome. Back at headquarters Straker interviews Anderson, who claims to know nothing of the dome. It is part of an alien plot to create doubles of the SHADO staff - including Straker - to by-pass SHADO security systems. The dome has to be destroyed with its occupants.[1]

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Revealing mistakesEdit

  • Straker and Foster are communicating with Skydiver while wearing diving gear, but the "bite-down" oxygen mouthpieces they are using would make speech impossible. Maybe they are using ventriloquism, combined with a mini microphone in the mouthpiece or the diving cap.


  1. IMDB entry tt0735630

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