Requiem for a Lightweight
M*A*S*H Episode A-03
Trapper in the ring
Production Info
Director Hy Averback
Story by
Screenplay by Robert Klane
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Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 3
Airdate 1 October 1972
Previous Episode To Market, To Market
Next Episode Chief Surgeon Who?


Hot Lips sends away her newest recruit, Nurse Cutler, to another unit on the claim that she distracts the doctors. Outraged at losing such an available and able nurse just because they hit on her, Hawkeye and Trapper go to Henry for help. Henry says he'll only help if one of the two fights in a boxing tournament. Hawkeye weasels Trapper into entering the fray. Will Nurse Cutler come back? Or is it "goofnight, nurse" for Trapper? Written by irishdramagirl

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Audio/visual unsynchronizedEdit

  • In the epilogue, Nurse Cutler tells Trapper, "I must say I'm impressed." He responds, "Well, I should hope so," but his mouth is perfectly still.
    • Maybe he's a ventriloquist!

Movie MistakesEdit


  • The bag used by Trapper for training is marked "Property of MAJ. Frank W. Burns". However, later in the series Frank's middle name is revealed to be Marion. Submitted by pinkwafer
    • He could have put a name starting with W on his documentation - assuming he didn't have it changed by deed poll.


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