Brought deep into an uncharted part of the galaxy, the Enterprise comes across three disembodied beings, their essence each contained in a globe-like receptacle. Their leader, Sargon, asks only one thing of Kirk and his crew - lend them the bodies of Kirk, Spock and crew member Ann Mulhall long enough for them to build robot bodies to inhabit for perpetuity. The beings have been without physical form since their civilization was destroyed over 500,000 years ago but have powers far greater than ordinary humans. Kirk and the rest agree to the exchange, but the alien occupying Spock's body, Henoch, clearly has designs on keeping the body he has just obtained. When he manages to convince Thalassa to do the same, Sargon - and the body of Capt. Kirk - is in trouble. Written by garykmcd[1]

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Plot OversightsEdit

  • Kirk referring to the missing guards in the singular tense.
    • People sometimes use the singular tense to describe the replacement of the multiple guards outside Buckingham Palace.
  • Sargon not dictating the formula to McCoy
    • He may have wanted to create the formula himself.
  • Thalassa prefering Mulhall's body to the sterile looking android one.
    • Thalassa is probably unwilling to even consider inhabiting a less than perfect looking body out of vanity.

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Character errorEdit

  • Sargon says, "... the records of our travels were lost in the cataclysm that we loosened upon ourselves." The correct word is "loosed".
    • Sargon could be using loosened in the same context as released.

Revealing mistakesEdit

  • After Kirk/Sargon faints and Dr. McCoy says he's dead, they pan down back to Kirk/Sargon and if you watch the neck of Kirk/Sargon you can clearly see his neck moving indicating the heart is beating.
    • This could be part of a ploy to fool Spock/Hargon.


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Return to Tomorrow
Star Trek The Original Series Episode B-20
Production Info
Director Ralph Senensky
Story by
Screenplay by John Kingsbridge
Producer John Meredyth Lucas
Music George Duning
Cinematography Gerald Perry Finnerman (as Jerry Finnerman)
Editor Donald R. Rode
Production Code
IMDB Ref tt0708445
Previous Episode Produced By Any Other Name
Next Episode Produced Patterns of Force
Transmission Info
Season 2
Episode 20
Airdate 9 February 1968
Previous Episode Transmitted A Private Little War
Next Episode Transmitted Patterns of Force
Previous By Any Other Name
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