Rumours & Leaks
Production Info
Director Juliet May
Story by
Screenplay by Steven Moffet
Production Code
IMDB Ref tt1089160
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Season 1
Episode 3
Airdate 6 March 1997
Previous Episode The Interview
Next Episode The Object of Desire

Plot SummaryEdit

Suzy discovers that,in order to keep his job as a language teacher,Dan has invented a new tongue, Estransian, based on the non-existent country of Estransia, whose history he has taught to his class. During an after hours staff meeting pupil Gail Bennett locks all the teachers in the staff-room as a protest against human rights abuse in Estransia. A TV camera crew arrives to cover the event. Unfortunately Slatt is desperate for a pee and chooses to relieve himself out of the window as the cameras start to roll. - Written by don @ minifie-1[1]

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Chalk Series 1
Suzy Arrives ; The Interview ; Rumours & Leaks ; The Object of Desire ; The Inspection ; Women and Football

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