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The Twelve Colonies of man are annihilated by the Cylons. Adama, commanding the last surviving Battlestar, takes it upon himself to lead all remaining survivors aboard 220 ships to find a new home. After the Galactica's fighter pilots successfully navigate a path through the Nova of Madagon minefield, the spoiled Sire Uri proposes to settle down on Carillon, where food and entertainment are provided by the natives. Adama however, suspects a Cylon trap. Written by The TV Archaeologist

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  • In the opening skirmish with the Cylons, Apollo orders Zac, who is flying as his wing man, to "raise his flaps" in order to rapidly slow down and get behind the Cylons. While this tactic is valid for airplanes, it makes no sense in the vacuum of space without wind resistance. The flaps are probably connected to breaking thrusters.
  • When the ambush starts, Omega reveals that none of the other Battlestars have been able to launch their fighters. Following Galactica'a arrival at Caprica, Rigel states that there are 67 viper fighters requesting landing clearance, of which 25 are from the Galactica. The other Battlestars could have managed to launch a limited number of fighters after Omega's earlier statement.
  • There's a scene were Apollo gives one of his military pins to Boxey. In the next scene the pin reappears on Apollo's shirt collar.Apollo might have had a spare pin in his pocket.
  • When Starbuck's Viper is damaged he runs a check of his system with Athena. The first computer screen display for the "Alpha Circuit" shows on the right hand side of the screen "Made in USA" [Widescreen DVD, chapter 6]. USA could be shorthand for the Colonial equivalent of Silicon Valley.
  • When orbiting Carillon, Adama dispatches military scouts and geologists to locate the old fuel mine. Boxey and Serina are neither, but they accompany Apollo and his team. Boxey was added to the team due to his status as an unofficial Colonial cadet, in order to gain first hand scouting experience, while Serina probably insisted on joining the team out of parental concern for Boxey.
  • When Adama is recording his log at Carillon, he says that the fuel is coming aboard in small quantities. Yet at the end all the ships have enough fuel to leave. Adama must have pursuaded the Ovions to speed up deliveries after making the log entry.
  • In the scene were Comander Adama and Colonel Tigh get inside vipers and talk by head set, Colonel Tigh gets inside and the hatch comes down before he can push any buttons to release it. Adama probably activated it remotely.


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