When President Clark escalates his brutal repression of the people of Earth Alliance, Captain Sheridan declares Babylon 5 independent.[1]

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  1. When the wave of attacking Earth ships first come through the jump-gate, a Hyperion-Class cruiser is visible, but it disappears during the battle. It could have withdrawn without being noticed - possibly to call in reinforcements.

Revealing mistakesEdit

  1. During the hand-to-hand struggle Garibaldi clubs one of the marines with his rifle, but never actually connects.Perhaps the Marine moves out of the way to escape serious injury.

Character errorEdit

  1. Near the end of the space battle scene, the Earth-loyal destroyer Agrippa (her name is clearly visible in several shots) is hit by weapons fire from both the rebellious Alexander and Babylon 5, and begins to burn uncontrollably. Captain Sheridan radios the ship and offers to take survivors, but mistakenly addresses her as the Roanoke, a destroyer which fell earlier in the battle. (This is an understandable error due to the stress he is under, but an error nonetheless.)Maybe Sheridan was uncertain about the relative positions of the enemy ships, specially if the name plates are obscured by damage and/or explosions.[1]


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