Sgt. Bilko is in charge of the Motor Pool at an Army base. He's also a good-natured con man, providing gambling facilities for the soldiers on base. When an old enemy from his past shows up to inspect his records and steal away his fianceé, Sgt. Bilko has to put his skills to creative use... Written by Afterburner <>[2]

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  • The Fort Baxter radio station's call sign is allowed to start with a W, even though Kansas is west of the Mississippi, because the boundary line was once farther west and stations did not have to be renamed when it was moved. WIBW and WREN are real-life stations in Topeka, Kansas.[2]

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  • When the two people Major Thorn brings in to do inventory are counting crates, and the platoon has mirrors up to look like more crates are really there, wouldn't they see themselves in the mirrors? Bilko won't allow the investigators to walk down the aisle of crates, so they never get close enough to see themselves.[3]


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