Sometimes You Hear The Bullet
Original air date

28 January 1973


Hawkeye's childhood buddy drops by, and reveals that he is writing a book about his experiences in the infantry - experiences that may hit a little too close to home.



Frank accidentally throws his back out and lands in traction, then applies for the Purple Heart. He reasons that he was technically wounded at a front line unit. Hawkeye's old friend Tommy Gillis is writing a book about the war and pays him a visit. Meanwhile, 15-year-old Private Wendell Peterson is in the hospital to have his inflamed appendix removed and is anxious to see combat so that he can impress his girlfriend back home.

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As Frank receives his purple heart, Henry calls him 'Franklin D. Burns' All other references to his full name in the series give his middle name as 'Marion'. Most likely a slip of the tongue reference to FDR. Submitted by jle


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