Space Warp
Directed by

Peter Medek

Original air date

2 November 1976 (SFX episode Guide)
3 December 1976 (IMDB)


Plot Edit

Commander John Koenig and Security Officer Tony Verdeschi investigate a derelict spaceship in the third quadrant, but they are separated by light years from Moonbase Alpha when it's sucked into a space warp. Meanwhile, Maya, the shape-shifting science officer, is stricken with a fever that causes her to transform into a repulsive space monster that rampages throughout the base. Written by J. Spurlin

Errors and explanations Edit

Internet Movie DatabaseEdit

  • The budget for Space 1999 was supposed to be quite large for the day, but it didn't keep the prop master from reusing props. One such example was the space warp locater from the "Space Warp" episode showing up as an engine tester in "The Lambda Factor. Perhaps the two devices only differ in a non visable way, such as their operating programme.
  • When Alan is fighting the Maya/creature on the moon's surface, his visor flips up and down as he is thrown over a rock. This of course would have killed him. Maybe he managed to hold his breath long enough to close the visor without the Maya Creature reaching him.

Source Edit

Errors from Internet Movie Database[1]