Star Trek Film
Star Trek Insurrection-02
Picard and Dr Crusher lead the Ba'ku to safety
Production Info
Director Jonathan Frakes
Story by Rick Berman & Michael Piller.
Screenplay by Michael Piller
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Released (UK) 15 December 1998 (premiere)
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Next Star Trek Nemesis

Plot Edit

Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E defy the Federation, by preventing a peace-loving people from being forcibly relocated from a planet that possesses remarkable rejuvenating properties.

Errors and explanations Edit

Internet Movie Database Edit

  • During Data and Picard's phaser fight inside the holoship, the disruptor shots from the Son'a weapon do not disrupt the holograms as we see the Son'a Commander do later in the movie to reveal that was fooled. In fact, they chip walls and splash water.
    • The holoship was designed to be a 'floating holodeck' to transport unwilling colonists, so the simulation would likely be programmed to react in a realistic manner to weapons fire so that the deception isn't accidentally discovered; the crew of the Enterprise may not have had time to reactivate the 'reality mode' when they changed the simulation.
  • While singing "A British Tar", Data, who supposedly has perfect recall, sings the wrong notes for part of the song.
    • This could be a symptom of the temporary disruption to his memory system.
  • When Picard is beamed on to the collector ship before facing Ru'afo, he is beamed from another Son'a ship, but he materializes with a Federation transporter effect, not a Son'a one.
    • The transporter could have been adjusted to use a Federation effect.
  • On the Holoship when Picard orders the computer to end the program, there is no Son'a soldier, even though the area he fell to is clearly visible behind Picard and Data.
    • This could have been a Holographic Son'a soldier, programmed with realistic behaviour, in order to prevent the Ba'ku from waking up early and discovering the truth.

Ex Astris Scientia Edit

  • Cloaked personnel walking around in the Ba'ku village even before Data runs out of control. Do they also cloak the sound and the look of their footsteps in some fashion, not to mention the air movement?
    • They probably avoid areas with gravel to minimise the sound and footprint effects.
  • The duck blind is embedded in solid rock. It doesn't look like the rock could have been simply beamed up, to beam down the observation post. So how was it possible to construct everything with no one of the Ba'ku noticing?
    • S.C.E could have covertly removed the interior rock by transporter, while using a holo-generator to disguise the changed appearance of the rock face.
  • Geordi says Data didn't take the emotion chip with him. This fact continues a strange development in the movies that will end with Data being totally emotionless again in "Nemesis": In "Generations" the chip is said to have fused with Data's positronic brain, in "First Contact" Data is able to switch it off himself, so how can Data remove the chip altogether prior to "Insurrection", and why should he do it?
    • Perhaps the emotion program was transferred to another chip, which could be removed for events where non-emotive objectivness is required, such as the duck blind mission.
  • When the Enterprise enters the Briar Patch, we can see bright light from outside the region. This obviously can't be the central star of the Ba'ku planet, and it can't be a neighboring star because at impulse it would be too far away.
    • [EAS Explanation] Perhaps the Ba'ku planet is in a binary system.
  • Data tells Artim, the Ba'ku boy, that (while children have the experience of growing up) his parameters never changed. But this is not really true, considering that the android was designed to expand his abilities, and he has done that on various occasions, at latest with the emotion chip that he "forgot" to bring along.
    • Data is refering to his physical parameters.
  • The countdown displays on Ru'afo's bridge and on the collector ship are in Arabic numbers, while everything else appears in Son'a script. This is necessary dramatic license though.
    • This could be for any Federation personnel working on the Sona ship.
  • With only a few minutes left until Ru'afo would initiate the collector, how could the captain's yacht be activated so fast?
    • There must be an emergency start up sequence programmed into the compouter.
  • If the yacht was on stand-by all the time, why didn't anyone of the crew consider using it to shoot down the drones?
    • They couldn't spare anyone to fly it.
  • How did they get the holoship launched so quickly?
    • It must have been fitted with an auto launch system.
  • How was it possible to beam out Ru'afo and his bridge crew without anyone noticing? The transport always takes a couple of seconds, which someone who is beamed is definitely aware of. Moreover, the typical "sparkle" effect was missing in the visuals, but that was obviously necessary to deceive the viewers in the theatre.
    • It would make sense for Sona transporters to have a superfast stealth mode, which prevents anyone being transported from realising they have been moved.
  • Why is there artificial gravity on the collector ship that is not supposed to be inhabited and that has nothing that looks like permanently manned stations?
    • The artifical gravity was likely used as part of the collection procedure.
  • After Picard has initiated the self-destruct, it would be no additional effort for the Enterprise to beam out Ru'afo as well from the collector ship, unless he had some sort of personal transport inhibitor. But they simply let him go down with the ship.
    • There may have been too much interference for the transporter to lock onto both of them.

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