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Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker discover there is more than meets the eye behind an assassination attempt on Naboo Senator Padmé Amidala's life. Meanwhile, a Sith Lord orchestrates events between the forces of good and evil, all the while waiting to play the final move that will ensure him control of the galaxy. Written by Doug Funnie

Explainable ErrorsnsEdit

Internet Movie DatabaseEdit


  • When Obi-Wan is climbing out of his starfighter on Geonosis we see R4's head (dome) facing the front of the ship and then rotate left. The next cut, R4's head (dome) is facing forward again, and repeats the motion rotating left a second time.
    • R4 is continually scanning for signs of danger.
  • In all the "Arrival to Geonosis" scenes, the planet is surrounded by nothing but the asteroid field. When Count Dooku retreats from the world, several Trade Federation Droid Control Ships have mysteriously appeared as well.
    • There were placed out of view in the earlier scenes, and brought in to participate in the battle.
  • When a Clone Trooper finds Padme after she has fallen out of the gunship on Geonosis, she tells him to get a transport ready so they can follow Anakin and Obi-Wan to Dooku's hangar. There's no way she could have know they were going there; she was unconscious when they did.
    • She knows them well enough to realise they would go after Dooku.

Incorrectly regarded as goofsEdit

  • Owen Lars (Anakin's step-brother, and eventually Luke's uncle) owns C-3P0 in this film. Yet when he buys C-3P0 from the Jawas in Star Wars, he doesn't seem to recognize the protocol droid, nor does C-3P0 recognize him.
    • This can be easily explained in several different ways. C-3P0 has different coverings in Star Wars than he did in Attack of the Clones, for one thing. We can also deduce from watching all the movies in the Star Wars saga that C-3P0's design is a very common one for protocol droids, as we see several protocol droids that look like him throughout the series. Also, we see in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith that C-3P0 undergoes a memory wipe. This explains why he doesn't remember Owen.
  • Padme's decoy, Corde, is seen killed in the beginning when the ship explodes, but in later scenes, we see a decoy that appears to be Corde.
    • The decoy we are seeing is actually a different decoy, named Dorme (remember, since Padme's decoys obviously need to be able to impersonate her, they are naturally all going to look similar!), whom we hear her refer to by name (confirming that she IS, in fact, not Corde but a different decoy) just before she and Anakin board the freighter bound for Naboo.[1]

Movie MistakesEdit


  • There is a scene midway through the film where Anakin and Padme are spending quality time together in a field, with a backdrop of huge waterfalls surrounding them. Those are awfully quiet waterfalls. Through this entire scene they speak at a normal volume, but if they were that close to that many high waterfalls, they would have to shout.
    • Corrected by BocaDavie It is a convention of film making to focus on the characters dialogue and reduce the noise of any background objects, like when you can hear two characters talking in a crowded restaurant. Also, they are far enough from the falls so that the noise would not interfere with their conversation, without even having to take into consideration the acoustics of the area. I stood much closer to Niagara Falls than the characters are to the falls in the movie and could carry on a conversation without raising my voice.
  • As they are leaving the Geonosis arena rescue of the Jedi, Yoda turns to Mace and says, "If escape Dooku does, rally more systems to his cause he will". Why didn't they just order the gunship's pilots and gunners to take out Dooku right then and there? Dooku was still standing on his balcony watching them fly off. Even if the gunships were under continued blaster fire by the droids below, wouldn't the goal of taking out Dooku justify the danger of remaining in the area? Instead, they fly off some five miles away to engage the Federation army and starships.
    • Corrected by BocaDavie This is a question, not a mistake. Remember what Yoda says: "If escape Dooku does." not "If lives Dooku does.". It is implied that Yoda wants Dooku captured alive; Yoda obviously has a sence that there is a bigger plot afoot and wants to find out by questioning Dooku.
  • After the fight scene with Count Dooku and Yoda, Anakin gets up slowly because of his missing right arm. As he gets up, when the shot is from far away, if you look very closely you can actually see Anakin's missing arm appear then disappear, then reappear again.
    • Corrected by JC FernandezNo, you don't. Depending on the quality of your image, I suppose you could be mistaking Obi-Wan's arm for Anakin's as he helps him up. But since Hayden Christiansen was wearing a false arm for the scene (with his real arm hidden inside the robes) it doesn't make sense for his arm to appear and disappear the way you're describing.
  • In the scene with Anakin on top of Zam's speeder, Zam turns and looks at Anakin on the side of the vehicle. For two seconds, she has the appearance as if she were shot with a toxic dart, before it even occurs.
    • Corrected by Tailkinker Zam is a shapeshifter - what we're seeing there is her natural appearance, not the effect of the dart on her. She shifts briefly during the chase - possibly she needs to focus to keep a particular appearance and lets it slip slightly as she focuses on getting away, then, as she dies, reverts fully to her normal look.
  • When Obi-Wan arrives at Kamino, when he walks through the door, the hallway goes straight on after entering. Later, when Obi-Wan is leaving, the hallway is curved.
    • Corrected by JC Fernandez When Obi Wan walks in, he looks to his left where a Kaminoan approaches -- the corridor is curved, not straight. The straight corridor is in the *next* scene outside Prime Minister Lama Su's chambers.
  • After Padme's ship is destroyed, she says that she believes Count Dooku is behind it. Why would the leader of the Separatists assassinate a senator voting against the army of the Republic? In order for her conclusion to make sense, she would have to know that Dooku and Palpatine are working together.
    • Corrected by Tailkinker The Seperatists are obvious candidates to make assassination attempts on prominent Senators like Padme, in order to increase turmoil within the Senate and potentially prompt other star systems to withdraw. She clearly has her reasons to be suspicious of Dooku - just because those reasons are not spelled out in great detail, that doesn't make this a mistake.
  • Remember in The Empire Strikes Back, when Boba Fett didn't fall for Han Solo's trick of having the Millennium Falcon cling to the Imperial starship? Now we know why. He remembered back to when he was just a kid, and his father (Jango Fett) lost track of Obi-wan Kenobi, who clung to an asteroid in the same way. No doubt that in Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett was thinking, "That trick may have worked on my dad once, but it's not going to work again." He never actully KNEW Obi Wan clung to the asteroid so he couldn't possibly have remembered it. What's the point of hiding if Boba and Jango knew?
  • There is a shot during the opening battle in the arena, right before Dooku says "Master Windu, you have fought galantly..." where Obi-Wan appears to be checking the pulse of a fallen Jedi. If you look closely on that Jedi's shoulder, you can see that Obi-Wan's lightsaber has a shadow. Corrected by PhixiusLighsabers should have shadows. You can't see through the blade; that means it blocks light, thereby casting a shadow.
  • When Obi-Wan and Anakin jump off the gunship in front of where Dooku went in two clones jump off after Obi-Wan and Anakin are off, but where do they go? In the following shot, when the Geonosian fighters destroy the gunships, they can also be seen to fire at the landing platform. One of the two clones can be seen falling from the platform - it's fair to assume that the other was also killed. Corrected by Tailkinker
  • In the scene when Anakin and Padme's spaceship approaches Naboo, if you look closely, you can see Hudson Bay and the East Coast of North America under the clouds. The image of Naboo was stock footage of Earth. Also, Geonosis (in a later scene) appears to be stock footage of Jupiter. Having checked through the film, I can find no shots where either Naboo or Geonosis bear any significant resemblance to Earth or Jupiter - there is, in fact, no shot of Anakin and Padme's ship approaching Naboo that I can find; the first shot is of their ship landing at the spaceport. And, given Lucas' attention to detail when it comes to effects, it's hardly likely that he would resort to the use of stock footage of a readily identifiable planet, particularly when he already has images of Naboo available from Episode 1. Corrected by Tailkinker
  • In the arena battle right near the end a Jedi is blocking shots and then falls down. He never got shot. He was hit by Jango. You could see where his "skin" gets burned.
  • In the Coruscant bar scene, the two Jedi watch three huge screens. On one of these screens we see the game Star Wars Racer, based on the Pod Race scene of Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. That is not the Star Wars Racer video game seen on the screen in the bar. That is just another pod race.
  • In the cloning facility when Obi-Wan is getting a tour of it, you can see some men dining. The camera zooms in on three of them, and the one on the left is seen doing a cutting motion with his knife. However, as the camera zooms out, you can see that he isn't actually cutting anything. If you watch closer at the bottom of the shot just before they get out of view you see a white piece of "food" on his fork.
  • When Zam crashes her speeder, watch the two pylons (or whatever they are) on the front of the vehicle, the left one hits a column and crumples up. The right one misses the column completely but still crumples even though it didn't hit anything. If you watch it on slow motion or frame by frame play at the very bottom of the of the shot you see the right one strikes the column too, it's just a little bit later than the first one.
  • When Anakin is enraged because his mother has just died, he kills the first Tusken Raider. It falls over dead but there is no mark from Anakin's lightsaber. The reason there is no mark on the Tusken's body is because Anakin decapitates it and the cauterized part of the neck is not visible.
  • In the scene just after Obi-Wan jumps out of the window onto the ASN-121 Assisin Droid You see Captain Typho and some others walk into Padme's room but how did they know to come. R2D2 was programmed to alert everyone if anything happened in her room. The captain was obviously alerted when Anakin and Obi-Wan ran into the room. Corrected by XIII
  • When Mace Windu gets off of the Gunship and starts to run into battle you see him being shot at but it is only after he looks to see if troops are following him that he starts to deflects the shots. He is only deflecting the shots that come close to him. He knew those shots were going to miss him otherwise if those shots had hit him, he obviously wouldn't be still standing. Corrected by XIII
  • When Anakin and Obi are in clone ship chasing Count Dooku, Anakin says "Shoot him down " but the pilot say "We're out of rockets." But when Padme falls out and the Jedi have an argument, look on the wing: there are 4-5 air to air rockets. They are not air to air rockets because they look different and the rockets feed from the wings not under the wings.
  • In the shot where Count Dooku's electric bolts (force lightning) strikes Anakin, Anakin's light sabre is on. In the next shot, it is off, even though we never heard the sound of it being turned off. The electric bolts would not be enough to block the sound out completely. It IS possible that the sound would be drowned out by the loud electric bolts.
  • At the point when Padmé falls out of the ship on Geonosis, Anakin turns to look out of the door after her. As he does so you can briefly see he is wearing a wristwatch with a silver bracelet on his left wrist. It's not a wristwatch and bracelet,it's the remains of the manacles he was wearing in the arena on Geonosis.
  • In the arena battle, the crab-like creature seems to be a complete rip off of the Lurker, from StarCraft. Paying attention to the detail, they are different.
  • When Anakin jumps off the speeder when they are chasing Zam the assassin and drops to land on Zam's craft, you can see a bulge in the back of his costume that is obviously the shackle which the cable that is holding him is attached to. There is no cable connected to Haden Christianson (Anakin) in this scene. During the Documentaries on the Episode 2, you can see that Haden Christianson jumps out of the cockpit onto a blue crash mat – no cable required. What appeared to be a bulge on the back of his costume is merely the material of the jacket.
  • When Padmé falls from the ship, she's holding her gun, but when she hits the ground, there is no gun to be seen. If she had dropped it, it should have landed near her. The gun could have simply slipped into the soft sand.
  • When Anakin is riding the speeder to where his mother is kept, the speeder has no shadow. This is simply not true. The shadow is visible.
  • Take a look at Obi-Wan's lightsaber. The hilt is exactly the same as it was in The Phantom Menace. ALL hilts are different. If Obi-Wan lost his saber in The Phantom Menace (and believe me, he couldn't get it back after it fell that far) how can he still have the exact same hilt? Corrected by Tailkinker Jedi build their own lightsabres and make their own choices about appearance and so forth - Obi-wan has no reason to change, so he's simply built a new one identical to his previous one.
  • In the introduction, when text flows across the screen, the words "ten thousand solar systems" appear. Strictly speaking, there is only one Solar system - ours. A star with planets is a "star system", our star is called "Sol", hence, the Solar System. This trivial error is made in many sci-fi films, BUT the Star Wars series has never fallen into this error before. Remember Episode IV, where Leia says something like, "The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers" (and that's only one example). So why, why, why has George Lucas allowed such a trivial but irksome error to be made here? Some people have debated this point, saying that "Solar" from the Latin "Sol", can mean any star system, but it's backed up in the Isaac Asimov book "Nemesis". He knows a thing or two about sci-fi, and in the book a new star is discovered and called Nemesis, and its system is referred to as the "Nemetic system", as opposed to our own "Solar system". Tormont Webster's dictionary defines 'sun' as "any star that is the center of a planetary system." "Solar system" is just a 'sun system' (or 'star system with planets') with a Latin derivation. Isaac Asimov is a science-fiction writer, keyword being 'fiction'. George Lucas describes his films as fantasy, not sci-fi, but manages to use science knowledge when correctly calling them solar systems.
  • When Anakin and Padmé enter Watto's shop, you can hear someone shout 'CUT'. Another sound was placed over, but it is still there. As stated in a previous correction - There is indeed a short shout in the background, but it's not obviously "cut" - it could pretty much be any short cry, as could be expected in a market-place environment.
  • When the vehicle sent by Zam the assassin cuts a hole in the window through which the centipeds enter Padme's bedroom, the laser's blue light cutting the circular hole is seen, and then the centipeds enter through it, but no glass is seen falling as a result, nor is it seen on the floor where the centipedes land.
    • He didn't cut it, he completely disintegrated it.
  • Considering the abundance of "hyper-aware" Jedi knights in the arena during the battle against Dooku's droids, why is Padme the one that first notices the arrival of Yoda and the clone army? The Jedi were perhaps focusing on the battle before them, but so was Padme.
    • She isn't. You can see some of the Jedi hearing something and looking in various directions before Padme looks up. Padme only says anything about it first, if anything demonstrating her lack of "Jedi-ness" - the Jedis didn't need to say anything, as they knew they'd all be aware of the army's arrival.
  • When Anakin is getting ready to ride off after his mother, you can see a small pile of boxes right next to his shadow that is being cast on the side of the Lars' house. Amidala comes out and we see their shadows, and the boxes have gone. Then when Anakin gets on the hoverbike and rides off, the boxes return.
    • Corrected by Dr Wilson The boxes are too low to be seen.
  • When Padme and the trooper falls out the the ship the trooper lands about 4 feet away from a rock but when you see padme roll down the trooper is almost on top of the rock. He is not on top of the rock but he looks like he is on top of it because we look at him horizontally.
  • In the battle at the Arena in Geonosis, we can see there are a lot of droids who survive the intervention of the clones when the transports leave with the remaining jedis, but a second later, we see R2-D2 and C3PO as the only survivors in the whole arena. Where did the remaining droids go? There was not enough time to evacuate the arena.
    • The scene we see with C-3PO and R2-D2 takes place several minutes after the department of the gunships. The droids left the arena in pursuit of them, we just don't see it and jump a few minutes in front.
  • When the clone finds Padme in the sand, his footprints appear before they're even made. That's not true. They do seem a little weird because they're digital but they appear the same moment that the trooper's feet touch the ground.
  • In the scene where the transport carrying Obi-Wan, Anakin, Amidala and the clone troopers is chasing Dooku, the pilot mentions that the ship is out of missiles. In a close-up shot of Anakin, a pod full of missiles can be seen on the wing of the transport in the background.
    • He uses that as an excuse. (As he is more than likely 'programmed' not to kill Dooku).
  • When Anakin is fighting the geonosis guards in the droid factory, he does a backwards roll to avoid being hit, while doing so he rolls right on one of the molten pieces of metal on the conveyor belt...
    • Corrected by Phil C. No, actually he rolls in between the large squares of steel. This is less visible in the full-frame version of the film, but is easily seen in the proper widescreen edition.
  • When Padme, Anakin, Obi-Wan and the clone troopers are following Count Dooku, Dooku's wingmen retreat and fall behind the transport. They fire on the ship, making it hit the ground and throw Padme out. Now either the ships floor behind her does not go all the way to the outside wall of the ship, or she falls out through the wall. If you watch her closely, she doesn't fall to the camera's left, she falls pretty much straight back from the camera, which would have tossed her into the wall.
    • This is wrong. If you watch the wide-screen version, freeze frame on the last frame of that shot, you will see that the "wall" is actually the wing of the ship that slopes downward. You will notice the wing-mounted cannon on the left side of the screen. Also, you will notice that sand is visible from the ground below at the bottom of the image.
  • In the scene where C-3P0 gets his head switched he gets on the conveyor belt. Before he gets on there is no room for him to get a different head. Then he gets on and there is a big space. Where did that come from?
    • Corrected by Phil C. Look again. As 3PO's body staggers onto the conveyor, it flails with its right arm, knocking one of the existing droids off the conveyor belt and leaving a space. You can hear a crashing sound as the droid falls off.
  • When Anakin and Obi Wan hit lightsabers in the area, if you look closely Anakin hits the bottom of Obi Wan's lightsaber. This should have broken it.
    • Corrected by han_solo_321 He is hitting the chains around Obi-Wan's hands.
  • In the scene where Anakin is fighting Dooku in the hangar, you see that Anakin could have blocked Dooku from cutting off his arm. Instead of blocking Dooku, he straightens his arm so Dooku can cut it off.
    • Anakin was adjusting aggressively to Dooku's cool and calm fighting style. He was bracing for a "powerhold" (that classic pressing sabers to see who is stronger thing in Star Wars) and was drawing back to swing. Dooku spun in flush and beat him to it. Funny thing is, he took Obi Wan out with the same fake out move minutes before that.
  • Right after Anakin rides off on his speeder bike we get to a scene with Obi Wan. When it starts you see Obi Wan just standing there, then he looks around, and then he starts walking. He must have started moving when the crew members said so.
    • Corrected by Phil C. Obi-Wan is standing there looking at the entrance to the Geonosian building. He is obviously looking around the entrance to make sure it is safe for him to enter. Once he has decided to move on, he walks forward naturally. Nothing about his movement suggests that he is trying to act as if he was already walking forward. Further, he is in the shot for several seconds before he begins walking; if the crew was trying to show him already in motion, they would have told him to begin walking as soon as he was visible.
  • How does Jango make all his gadgets work? They are not part of his body, and we never see him press any buttons when he does use any gadgets.
    • The reason you cannot see Jango activate his gadgets is because all of them can be accessed via the helmet in his Mandolorian armor. If you have read the story of Boba Fett in "Tales from Jabbas Palace" you would know this. This way if a Mandolorian warrior has his hands tied he can always find a way to escape.
  • When Anakin and Obi Wan run out of the gunship to the hanger with Dooku you see a clonetrooper follow them and then when the shot chages you see no clonetrooper. Then the ship blows up.
    • If you watch the corner of the bridge as the troop ship begins to leave, one geonosian ship flies by and destroys the troop ship, and then the other geonosian ship flies by and shoots the Clone Trooper on the bridge, and he falls off. You may also notice that the Clone Trooper is shooting at the approching droid ships before he is killed, and fires once more as he is falling.
  • In the final battle, Mace Windu has climbed aboard Yoda's open ship and turns around to deflect the blaster shots with his lightsaber. However, one of the shots slips through and would have hit him right in the chest. About 10 centimeters from his body, the red shot mysteriously vanishes... Obviously an interaction between live character and CGI that went wrong.
    • The only one he doesn't block is closer to the camera than him - we see it impact on the side of the ship.
  • Toward the end of the movie, there are plans for a weapon that the "republic must not know we are building". It looks like the Death Star from Episode 4. However, according to many sources, the Death Star was made under the rule of the Empire. Palpatine personally oversaw its design, which was made by the same man that later designed 2 other super-weapons. How can it be that such a weapon is thought about when the person that designed the planet destroying super-laser, and the housing for it (The Death-Star itself) isn't even a teenager yet?
    • The only absolute rock hard definite sources are the films - George Lucas has publicly stated that. The books are by and large right, but the films take priority if ever there's a conflict. Therefore what we see in the films is "fact", so to speak, and the books are fiction, regardless of the order they were produced.
  • All clones should look like Jango. However, in one shot during Kenobi's visit in the clone-factory they look like Padmé's guard captain.
    • Purely coincidental. The young troopers are played by Bodie Taylor, and the captain is played by Jay Laga'aia. Bear in mind that the clones we see are both younger than Jango and haven't been in battle before.
  • In the scene where Anakin is in Padme's bedroom and he is whining about Obi Wan, he is floating a ball with the force. The ball's reflection shows in the window, but you cant see Anakin's reflection at all,
    • Corrected by Phil C. The ball's reflection shows more obviously because it is closer to the window where it was originally placed. As Anakin pulls it to his hand, you can see his hand reflected in the window as well, very faintly. The rest of his body does not show a reflection because he is too far away from the window.
  • In the scene when Obi-Wan is being held in captivity on Geonosis and is speaking with Dooku, watch Dooku as he circles Obi-Wan while he talks. At one point after a shot of Obi-Wan, a shot of Dooku has his hands clasped across his midsection, but also notice he is amazingly holding the sides of his cloak. Four hands Dooku? You are on the dark side aren't you?
    • Corrected by Phil C. At times Dooku has his right arm lying across his stomach, but while he is doing that, his left hand is at his side. Then after a short while he drops his right arm to his side as well. He never clasps both hands across his middle.
  • During the conversation with supreme chancellor Palpatine at the very begining of the film, he states that he will not let this Republic which has stood for a thousand YEARS be split in two. This is an error as the Republic has stood for a thousand GENERATIONS (as stated by Obi-wan in episode 4).
    • Actually, in Episode IV Obi-Wan says "For a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice IN THE OLD REPUBLIC." So the Republic has stood for a thousand generations. However, it is quite possible that Palptine intentionally misspoke, and for two reasons. First, he wants to appear less than competent, as indicated in the Attack of the Clones novel. Appearing ignorant of history makes him look like a foolish politician who is no threat to anyone. The Jedi would not fear him having emergency powers because he appears to be not that bright and they can control him. Secondly, the Sith where wiped out a thousand years ago. To him, the Republic has been a mortal enemy for a thousand years, so that's the number he's fixated on. He is revealing himself to the Jedi as the Sith Lord, and they are too arrogant to realize it..
  • In Empire Strikes Back, Yoda tells Luke that he trained Obi-Wan. In Episode I Qui-gon had trained Obi-Wan.
    • This is explained on the Star Wars website (the databank makes fascinating reading if you're so inclined), but we also see the evidence. Yoda trains children up to a certain age, then they are partnered with a more senior Jedi for their apprenticeship.
  • During the fight between Anakin and Dooku, Anakin cuts that cable and all lights go out (all lightspots on the ground disappear). When Padme and the troopers arrive, the lights are up again, and lightspots can be seen again on the floor.
    • The cable was connected to the ship, not the lights. However, the slash would have caused a power surge back through the system that caused the lights to temporarily dim. They came back on right away during the battle.
  • When Obi-Wan is on Geonosis secretly listening to Count Dooku's plan with the seperatists. If Dooku is such a great Jedi/Sith wouldn't he be able to sense Obi-Wan there listening?
    • He probably did sense it. Remember, Dooku and Sidious wanted Obi-Wan to report back so that the Republic would start using the clone army. Wasn't it convenient that Obi-Wan had time to send a message before captured?
  • Why is it that C-3P0 recognises Padme and Anakin, but doesn't know who Obi-Wan is, when in Phantom he had known Obi-Wan for as long as he had known Padme.
    • Not true: C-3P0 stays in town with the Skywalkers the entire time, whereas Obi-Wan stays on their ship. The two of them never meet. Obi-Wan doesn't really have much contact with either of the droids in Episode I or II, if you think about it, except in passing (he spends far more time with R4 in this film), and I expect that'll stay true in Episode III too, making his "I don't recall owning a droid" comment in Episode IV entirely accurate, as he won't have been around them enough to remember them more than any other droid. It's quite nicely done really.
  • When Obi-wan sees Count Dooku on his speeder, and Anakin says "shoot it down," the clone responds that they're out of missiles. What about the fact that the assualt ships are bristling with lasers?
    • Count Dooku obviously knows about the clone army, and the clones are probably under instructions not to take out Dooku - possibly in order to capture him alive - so they use the excuse of having no missiles.
  • So, a clone army is being developed, supposedly for the Republic. The template they are using for the cloning is Jango Fett, who is an ally to Count Dooku. Yet, when the Clone Army of the Republic goes to Genoisis and they are fighting Dooku, he's wondering how the Jedi managed to come up with such an army so quickly...
    • Dooku knew about the army all along. He was pretending so his "gang members" wouldn't think he was turning on them because he hadn't used them to fulifll their purpose yet. He and the soon to be Emporer had it all worked out as stated in the end "Everything is going as planned."
  • Amidala is slashed across the back in the arena by one of the creatures. Later, when she falls out of the ship and onto the sand, the slashes have disappeared. Not true - they're narrow slashes, and given that her top moves up and down a bit they're sometimes covered, sometimes not.
  • When Boba Fett picks up his dad's helmet (presumably with head still inside) it is remarkably lightweight.
    • Jango Fett's head flew free of his shoulders and fell out of his helmet - you can see two separate shadows if you look closely.
  • When Anakin visits Cliegg Lars on Tatooine, it has only been 10 years since he left his mother. Ten years is not long enought for her to have been sold by Watto, marry Lars and have a fully grown child.
    • Common misconception - Owen is Anakin's step brother, not half brother. He's Cliegg's son (presumably from an earlier marriage), not Cliegg and Shmi's son.
  • On Tatooine, Amidala presses a button to retransmit the message from Obi-wan. A moment later, she presses the same button to bring up the map showing Obi-wan's location and the distances between Tatooine and Couruscant. Not only does this same button do double duty, but with one press it knows she wants to show the location of the three planets. Look closely and she presses another button at the same time.
    • Think how easy it would be if someone stole the ship.[2]


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