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Plot SummaryEdit

General Hammond summons Colonel Jack O'Neill out of retirement to embark on a secret rescue mission. O'Neill confesses that he disobeyed orders to destroy the Stargate on Planet Abydos, and that scientist Daniel Jackson may still be alive. Arriving on Abydos with his team, O'Neill meets up once again with the scientist, who has discovered a giant elaborate cartouche in hieroglyphics. All signs point to the fact that this is a map of many Stargates that exist throughout the galaxy - a development that makes the dream of the SG-1 team to travel throughout the universe in time a reality. Written by Sean Fitzgibbons.[2]

Errors and Explanations - Internet Movie DatabaseEdit

Factual errorEdit

  1. Despite being injured on many missions during his military career, all of which are mentioned by the character, Jack O'Neill wears many ribbons, but no Purple Heart Ribbon (combat related injury) on his Class A/B Uniform. The injuries were either received on missions which were classified secret, which would preclude the award of a Purple Heart for security reasons, or were not directly combat related.[2]


  1. Between the Stargate SG-1 episodes Small Victories and Redemption: Part 2, the Beta (Antarctic) Stargate is used at the SGC for gate travel, since the original gate ended up at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in "Small Victories" and later fell into the possession of the Russians until its return to the SGC in "Redemption Pt 2". We notice that in Solitudes (the first episode to feature the Beta gate) the point of origin symbol (an octagon with a line below it) is different from the point of origin symbol of the original gate (pyramid and circle), however in various episodes that featured the Beta gate in use, the point of origin symbol mysteriously changes to the symbol from the original gate.The SGC could have found a way of changing the symbol.
  2. The characters of Kasuf, Skaara and Sha'Re (originally from Stargate, the movie this series is based off of) appear through the series in various episodes. In the movie, all three characters spoke virtually no English whatsoever, however in the TV series (in which the First Season is set one year after the movie) all three speak perfect English. It is possible that Daniel Jackson taught them English during the year-long span between movie and TV series, but it is highly unlikely they learned it so well in such a short span of time.They are obviously fast learners.[2] This would also explain how they quickly mastered the weapons brought by the humans - see my explanation for plot hole 1 on the entry for the movie.

Incorrectly regarded as goofsEdit

  1. Throughout the series, the IDC is received by the SGC before the wormhole has been established.Actually the SGC uses a protective shield on the gate called an Iris. The Iris remains closed until the IDC is received and the go ahead is given to "open the iris". When this happens the wormhole is already established but hidden behind the iris.[2]


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