Suzy Arrives
Chalk A-01
Miss Travis meets Mr Slatt for the first time.

The first meeting of Suzy Travis and Eric Slatt[1]

Production Info
Director Juliet May
Story by
Screenplay by Steven Moffat
Production Code
IMDB Ref IMDB entry tt0538410
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 1
Airdate 20 February 1997
Previous Episode None
Next Episode The Interview

Plot SummaryEdit

Newly-qualified Suzy Travis arrives to teach English at Galfast High school and finds the place in typical chaos. English master Mr Humphrey has been dead at his desk for a day and the solution of boorish, hyper-manic deputy Eric Slatt is to shut him in a cupboard. Confusion arises when Suzy discovers the headmaster is hiding in an identical cupboard and Slatt refuses to believe her. She is, however, befriended by nervous colleague Amanda Trippley and the admiring Dan McGill. Written by don @ minifie-1[2]

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Suzy Arrives ; The Interview ; Rumours & Leaks ; The Object of Desire ; The Inspection ; Women and Football

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