Thanks For The Memory
Directed by

Ed Bye

Original air date

20 September 1988



The Red Dwarf crew wake up four days after celebrating the anniversary of Rimmer's death, only to find they've got no memories of the previous four days, but when they find the black box on a moon they learn Lister gave Rimmer his memories of former girlfriend Lise Yates as a birthday present. Written by Daniel Williamson.

Deathday Party remastered flight

Deathday Party remastered flight.wmv

The drunken flight back from Rimmer's Deathday party

Errors and ExplanationsEdit


Lister's cast is missing for some shots when he is in the spacesuit. ('Craig Charles' was called away for the birth of his son, so production manager Mike Agnew stepped in and forgot to put on Lister's plaster cast.) These scenes are from the Flashback scene, showing Lister and the Cat in their suits before they dropped the tombstone on their feet.


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